How Porcelain Slabs Can Save You Time, Work, and Money

Kitchen with Porcelain Slab as Backsplash

Elegant, durable and versatile, Porcelain Slabs offer a high-end look while saving you time and money. These beautiful slabs can save you work when installing countertops, backsplashes or fireplaces creating a unique design that will impress your guests.

What are Porcelain Slabs?

Although popular in Europe for several years, homeowners and designers are beginning to see the variety of uses for slabs that look like real stone materials. You can find slabs in a 10 foot by 5-foot dimensions or special-order slabs smaller or bigger.

This product is lightweight and easy to transport and install. Large porcelain slabs can be installed on plywood and cement board in new builds or even over natural stone materials in your renovation projects.


Whether you are remodeling a home or designing a new build, large slabs can create elegance as a fireplace surround, walls in your master bathroom, or an accent in your kitchen or sunroom. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, you can find the perfect slabs to highlight your décor.

A beautiful marble slab around the fireplace creates a Wow factor when guests enter your home. If you want your master bathroom to feel and look like a spa, large slabs on the walls, around the tub and shower, and even on the floor will make you think you are relaxing in a high-end retreat.

When sketching out the new design for your kitchen or sunroom, including slabs that look like real stone will make your friends think you spent a fortune in your space. The ease of installation and maintenance makes these slabs perfect for almost any use.

Kitchen with Porcelain Slab CounterDurable

Not only will you enjoy the elegance of large slabs, but you will also appreciate the durability.

These slabs are extremely heat resistant. A porcelain slab kitchen countertop or island could make your life easier. You won’t have to worry if you put a hot pan on the countertop nor will you need to worry about staining.

Slabs are not porous like some stone products and you can clean the countertop quickly and easily. Whether you have kids or pets, you will also love the scratch resistance. Your kids can sit at the island and play with toy cars without having to worry about scratching the surface.

One of the best features is saving time. It is much quicker to install these large slabs than smaller tiles that need to be grouted and sealed. You also will not need to spend as much time cleaning or maintaining the slabs giving you more time to spend with family and friends. Just spay on your all-purpose cleaner and wipe off for a clean and disinfected countertop.


Using large slabs in your home is a great choice if you need to replace countertops or surrounds. A new porcelain slab countertop in the bathroom can change the entire look and feel of the room and can easily be installed over the existing natural stone or plywood.

Although there are many uses inside the home, you also need to consider the versatility of large slabs outside. Since porcelain can be created to absorb almost no water, the slabs will not crack in very cold or very hot temperatures. You can use the slabs to create an outdoor kitchen, install them around the swimming pool, or create a unique walkway with large slabs surrounded by grass or rocks.

These slabs can be custom made to a variety of sizes to meet the needs of your project and to fit your budget. Installing large slabs will also save you work and give you more time for other projects.

Kitchen with Porcelain Slab CounterManufacturing, Moving and Installing

Other great features of large slabs are the ease of manufacturing, moving, and installing these products. Additionally, the slabs are easier to move because they are lightweight and thin. Slabs are more flexible than many stone products and can even be cut into custom shapes.

When installing porcelain, you can use a dense foam backing, or cement board, or even directly on top of natural stone surfaces. Installing the slabs on both horizontal and vertical surfaces is usually quick and easy.

As you are exploring design options for your next home renovation project, be sure to check out large slabs created from porcelain to save you time, money and work.

You will be surprised by the elegance, durability, and versatility of this product that in the past was mostly designated as floor or counter tile. With the newest design and engineering techniques, slabs will create an unmistakable look in your home.

Imagine walking into the family room and your eyes immediately go to the porcelain surround of the large and cozy fireplace. Or think about sitting in your favorite chair in the sunroom enclosed with a slab floor and half walls created from porcelain. With the large variety of uses, colors, and designs – let your imagination be your guide!