Wish List for your 2019 Kitchen Remodel

Ceramic Kitchen Remodel Countertops

Kitchen remodels are one of the best ways to update your home and increase the equity. Families tend to congregate in the kitchen and making sure you have a functional and beautiful space will help you love your home for many years.

If you are planning a kitchen remodel in 2019, we have some amazing ideas and trends to impress your friends. You can start creating your wish list today and make sure your kitchen stands the test of time.

Inventive and Clever Kitchen Cabinets

Fitted kitchen interior with gas hob and shelving

Although white cabinets are popular and create a clean and sleek design, adding a bit of color can add personality to your home. Many homeowners are choosing bold colors like navy blue, emerald green or ruby red to provide a unique look for their kitchen design. If you can’t commit to a daring color on the cabinets, think about adding a splash of color to the backsplash.

Open shelving and no upper cabinets will also be popular in 2019. When considering your kitchen décor, a minimalist feel can often make a small space seem larger. If you have beautiful bowls, glasses, and plates – why not display them with open shelves? If you are considering the no, or few, upper cabinet options – be sure to include a pantry or extra storage near the kitchen when planning your kitchen remodel.

Affordable and Easy to maintain Porcelain Countertops

Although granite countertops were popular in the past, kitchen designers are now thinking about function as well as looks. Porcelain counters area heat resistant and durable. You can set hot pots and pans right on the surface.

These counters also do not absorb liquids quickly. If you spill some wine or chop an onion on the counter, you don’t need to worry about damage.

You will also love the variety of colors and finishes and porcelain is rated for outdoor use. Coordinating your outdoor BBQ area and indoor kitchen will be a breeze. The best features of the porcelain countertops include the lightweight slabs or tiles even in large sizes. You no longer need to worry about seams in your huge kitchen island, you can create a waterfall edge with stunning porcelain tile.

Alluring and Durable Quartzite

Quartzite is also a popular product for kitchen counters. Some of the best features of this material are the tone and variety of colors. You can find quartzite with diagonal lines that give it an organic flow or find a slab with linear streaks and veining for a contemporary vibe. These counters also stand up to heat and are easy to sanitize and keep clean. If you have a busy kitchen – this is a beautiful option.

Creative or Classic Kitchen Backsplash Ideas


Consider making a statement in your kitchen with these funky and classic kitchen backsplash choices. Limestone Mosaics will create an amazing design in your kitchen. Use hexagons or a basket weave to add texture and interest to your space.

If your kitchen remodel is more formal, Marble is always a sophisticated option. Gold fixtures are the up and coming trend for 2019. Choose a Calacatta Gold and White Marble to enhance the look of your fixtures or find a Botticino tile in a neutral color that allows your bright colored cabinets or appliances to make a fabulous first impression.

Illuminating and Brilliance with your Kitchen Lighting

When considering kitchen design ideas, don’t forget the lighting. New LED lights can create a fun ambiance with innovative applications. Install lighting on your toe kick or under cabinets. You can even use funky colored LED’s to give a white kitchen a whole new look in 2019!

It’s also simple to change the look of existing pendant lighting with unique light bulbs. Install Edison bulbs for an industrial look, a spun bulb into a chandelier for a fun, yet formal look, or a half gold or silver bulb for a sexy moody look.

Whether you have an open layout home or a separate kitchen and dining room, there are some amazing new options for a kitchen remodel. As you are creating your wish list, take a look at the quality natural stone and porcelain tile for your counters or backsplash. Once you have found the perfect look for your cabinets and counters, find lighting fixtures that provide enough light while you are cooking, but can be dimmed for a romantic dinner.

Selecting colors, textures, and shapes to make your kitchen design new and innovative is the key to not only a functional space but also a charming place to entertain family and friends. As the focal point of your home, you want to incorporate the latest technology along with the most durable and easy to clean materials. Design and remodel your kitchen and then invite friends to a fabulous party.