Find The Perfect Natural Stone For Your Home

Natural stone is a sustainable, adaptable and versatile material that has many applications throughout the home. For countertops and floors, natural stone provides your home with a warm and lasting beauty that only increases over time.

Every piece of natural stone has variations in shape, size, texture and color. This allows you to create unique pattern that showcase your creativity. When trying to find the perfect natural stone for your home it is important to consider other aspect of your home decor, such as wall colors and cabinet finishes, to help you chose stone that will compliment your furnishings.

When selecting stone for your home it is also important to consider the space where you intend to use the stone. Make sure the effort you are willing to spend maintaining your stone is a factor in the selection process. If you plan to use the stone in a high traffic area, like an entryway, you will typically want to select a type of stone that is resistant to scratching. Softer stones are better suited for areas that are not exposed to hard use. For example, smart homeowners use softer stone for bathroom vanity tops and backsplashes.

Keep reading to learn more about the beautiful natural stones you can use in your next big project.



Granite is an extremely durable stone. This popular stone is available in a virtually endless assortment of colors. Due to its durability, granite is a popular choice for kitchen countertops. Homeowners love that it requires very little maintenance care. In fact, most homeowners are able to clean their granite countertops using mild soap and water.

One can apply a high-quality sealer to provide their granite countertops with extra protection. Once properly sealed, granite becomes almost impervious to the effects of daily use. Granite’s uses range far beyond kitchen counters thanks to its strong nature. Other popular locationg for granite include flooring, walls, vanities and tables.


Marble is a stylish and classic natural stone that has withstood the test of time. While white is typically the go-to color for marble, many other color options are available. Note that, marble is a softer stone than granite. It has the risk of staining and scratching more easily than other natural stones. However, this doesn’t mean your home can’t include marble.  Backsplashes, vanities, fireplace surrounds, and other areas that get less use are great places to incorporate this beautiful stone into your home.

Be cautious when it comes to using marble for kitchen counters. Overtime, marble can develop a patina, change in color and texture. This happens if it is exposed to certain elements for an extended period of time. Such elements include common household items, like cleansers and acidic foods. Consult with your local natural stone showroom to learn the best ways to use marble in your home.


Quartzite is stone that is comparable to marble in appearance. However, it is tougher than marble, making it more resistant to abrasions. This stone is a smart option for high-traffic areas. Quartzite presents an understated sparkling pattern that is a natural result of the manufacturing process.

Looking for other fashionable applications for quartzite? Consider incorporating the natural stone in floors and walls. Quartzite typically requires sealing after installation to resist staining. This also helps maintain the stone’s natural beauty. Provide regular cleaning care with mild soap and water. Clean up any accidental spills as quickly as possible to reduce staining.


Soapstone is a durable stone composed mainly of talc. However, this stone not as hard as granite. While soapstone is typically available in light-gray tones, it can be found in shades of green or blue. Soapstone is also resistant to heat. This makes the natural stone a great pick for fireplaces and stove hearths.

There are other benefits of soapstone’s heat- and stain-resistant properties.  For example, soapstone won’t be damaged by hot pans, acidic foods or cleaning chemicals. This makes soapstone a very popular option for kitchen countertops.

In addition, it’s easy to clean nature. It’s possible to have soapstone looking brand new after years of use. Easily remove any scratches you make with mineral oil and regular fine-grit sandpaper.


Onyx is readily identifiable by its prominent alternating bands of vibrant colors. Typically used as a statement piece, onyx is a commonly used in such areas as bar tops or accent walls. Onyx is also a popular choice for kitchens and bath backsplashes. However, onyx is typically not a good choice for high-traffic areas because of its fragile nature. This delicate stone needs to be treated with kid gloves to avoid scratching and etching. If onyx is used in countertop applications, it should be properly sealed and cleaned regularly with specialized stone cleaner to help in preventing staining and scratching.

Improve the character of your home with the appealing uses of natural stone. Remember, finding the perfect natural stone for your home comes down to personal choice. However, when you’re surrounded by gorgeous options, it can be hard to make a selection.  Use the information you learned today to help you simplify your decision-making process.