Top Stone Kitchen Countertop and Stone Backsplash Trends

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Top Stone Kitchen Countertop and Stone Backsplash Trends

We find that Bay Area residents are very environmentally conscious, and many customers seek out our stone for remodeling kitchens.

Remodeling and renovating your kitchen means updating the look, but online trends can be difficult to pin down. This is especially true for environmentally conscious options for countertops. For example, some interior design experts say that granite is always fashionable but tile countertops can come in a close second. However, in addition to noting trends in for remodeling kitchens as well as the displays at recent conferences, it is clear that certain types of kitchen stone counter and stone backsplashes stand out more than others. As experts in the decorative stone industry, what is interesting to us at Carmel Stone Imports is how many different types of stone are making an appearance. There are also a few practical reasons they differ from styles in the past.

Why Bay Area Residents Are Choosing Stone For Their Kitchens

We find that Bay Area residents are very environmentally conscious, and many customers seek out our stone for remodeling kitchens. Of course, many customers prefer a stone backsplash, countertop or kitchen island because it is one of the greenest construction materials. Not only do stone countertops have less environmental impact from the start, but they can also be reused or easily recycled. Nevertheless, the styles customers are choosing are interesting. Namely, specific types of stone are being used because they will be placed in compact or tiny kitchens. Other trends are taking off because they are being used in extra-large luxury kitchens.

Why Stone And Color Is So Important For Compact Kitchens

At Carmel Stone Imports, we have specialties that make us stand out from other decorative stone businesses such as our imported Jerusalem Biblical limestone quarried pieces. Part of the reason that the Jerusalem Biblical stone is particularly significant is due to the compact kitchen. When you have a tiny kitchen that you want to beautify, finding small items that pack a lot of punch is crucial. For some stone, the colors are not diverse enough with color and depth to be appropriate in small spaces like a studio apartment kitchen.

For example, black granite looks better as a countertop in a large kitchen or in a bathroom. For smaller kitchens, the Biblical Jerusalem stone is from a multi-colored limestone quarry. This unique quarry gives stone backsplashes and other stone-tiled counters a rainbow of ochre-rich color. The colors from the quarry can be used together or individually. For example, the individual colors of the Biblical Jerusalem stone are gold, grey/gold, grey, pearl and red.

Low Maintenance Countertops For Rentals

When the environmental trends started to place a focus on stone countertops and flooring instead of laminate, we were delighted to have eyes pointed at us for greener stone options. Nevertheless, over the years, we began to have customers contact us about two types of countertops that did not work out very well with renters. In particular, since granite and marble countertops need to be seasoned once a year by professionals, they were considered troublesome by landlords. The solution for landlords that wanted to be environmentally conscious but also require a low-stress countertop were interesting. In these cases, we have found the solution they prefer is quartz or limestone countertops for renters.

We Predict Quartz And Quartzite As The Biggest Upcoming Trends

One of the biggest winners that can take a beat-down in a busy kitchen is our quartz countertops. Not only is it durable, but quartz surfaces do not require the careful protection that granite and marble need. In addition, quartz or quartzite countertops are much less expensive than granite and marble. They are also perfect for small studio apartment rentals that need to look well-put-together. In addition to natural quarried quartz, we also carry the environmentally friendly quartzite composite countertops. Commonly called Caesarstone, this is 93-percent quartz mixed with heated stones to create color and a glass-hardened surface.

Luxury Stone Kitchen Trends

Other new trends we are noticing for luxury homes is a need for something to draw the eye in a larger kitchen. In these cases, kitchen backsplashes in contrasting shades of quartzite can accomplish these goals. In spite of this, we are seeing a growing trend that includes our Bianco Seta vein-cut quartz. Namely, Bianco Seta is an unexpected stripe of gray and white hues that will instantly draw the eye in a large kitchen.

For this reason, we are also seeing a spike in our Sequoia Brown quartzite. This rich pattern of browns is layered in a way that makes the honeyed tones pop. Although it is not fossilized wood bark, the appearance of Sequoia Brown does bear this resemblance. Along these lines, our onyx countertops are becoming popular because they resemble large slices rocks in jeweled tones. The honey and caramel-colored onyx are trending, but the rarer green onyx countertops makes a lush statement in a large kitchen, and it is truly one of our most exotic stones.

Let Us Help You Find The Right Stone Countertops and Backsplashes For Your Home

At Carmel Stone Imports, we have a long-standing reputation of creating the beautiful stone floors, tiles, countertops and backsplashes you see throughout the Bay Area. From hotel lobbies to studio apartments, you will find our stone is what helps make this area of America environmentally friendly and beautiful. To get a better understanding of what we have to offer homeowners, property owners or developers, call us today. We are happy to help you and look forward to your questions. After we learn more, we have a team of contractors that can help you design, remodel, renovate and install stone in your kitchen. Thank you in advance for choosing us, and we are excited to hear about your next project.

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