Style with Tile: How to Combine Tile Choices for a Stylish Space

No matter your decor, tile flooring is easy to live on and simple to care for. Properly installed and sealed, a tile entryway can add both ease and elegance to your home. A newly tiled kitchen, from countertop to backsplash, offers durability and classic style.

Choosing Tile Flooring

Your tile flooring choice should be tied directly to your lifestyle. If you tend to kick off your shoes as soon as you enter the home and don’t have pets that track in dirt, your needs will be different than those of a family with kids and dogs.

That being said, choosing the right tile and grout colors for your floor will take attention and focus. You’re assigning a color to a large portion of real estate for your home, and you want it to work with your decor choices now and in the future.

Consider your current furniture. If you love warm brown leather furniture and polished wood, you’ll want a warm floor tile to incorporate your design choices. If you prefer cool colors, a grey slate tile may be the best option.

If anyone in your home struggles with allergies, consider extending tile use throughout your home. Tile doesn’t hold onto allergens like carpet does. Rugs can be put down over tile in bedrooms, and easily removed and cleaned during allergy trigger season.

Tile from Room to Room

Once you choose a floor tile and grout tone, you can easily choose tile to travel from room to room. Your kitchen tile flooring can easily flow, or you can change up the color intensity. Try to combine tile, from countertop to bathroom, in a way that lightens on the way up.

Your tile backsplash choices will actually have a bit impact on the restfulness of the room. It’s easy to overlook tile that’s been laid flat, such as tile on the countertop or floor, but tile on the wall will catch the eye. Do you want a bold pattern of glass tile, or something more restful?

A restful backsplash of a simple tile with a matching grout will allow the eye to pass over it. This kitchen tile pattern and color combination can also be added as a wainscot feature in utility rooms, or the hall leading from the garage into the house.

If you’ve got a door where all the household members, both two and four-footed, come through and hang up coats, bookbags and briefcases, adding a wainscot tile can make the space much easier to manage and clean.

Bathroom Tile Choices

Tile can work on multiple surfaces in your bathroom. Your tub and shower surround can easily be tiled, both for beauty and for hygienic effect. Cleaning the tile can be done quickly with a microfiber cloth once a week to reduce the risk of dulling build-up.

Your bathroom tile options can also be put to work on the floor. Smaller tile are easier to lay in smaller rooms, but you can easily find tiles in the same color family as your entryway, kitchen and any other room. Consider expanding the use of these floor tiles to your bathroom countertop or vanity and complete the space with a drop-in sink.

Surround Yourself in Tile Before you Choose

When choosing tile for your house, take the time to visit a tile showroom before making your choices. One sample tile may look great on the shelf of a big box store, but

  • increased across the space, you may find the pattern is too busy
  • you’ll know about availability on your entire package selection, not one tile at a time
  • your home deserves a unique family of products, to reflect the unique people who live there!

Take the time to visit a floor tile showroom Palo Alto to expand your understanding of what’s possible. The satisfaction you could enjoy in your home will be worth this step.

After time in a tile showroom, you’ll realize that you can combine tile in a way that will bring your whole house together. You can choose a color palette of paint choices that will work with whatever tone of tile you choose, whether warm or cool.

Best of all, once you’ve reviewed all your options, you can make the very best choice for you, your family and your future. Renovation is fun and creative, but it’s also messy, expensive and disruptive. With the right color choice of kitchen tile, bathroom tile and a uniform tile backsplash, you can enjoy durability and easy cleaning and easily change the look of the space with paint.

Visit us in the Bay Area at one of our floor tile showroom Palo Alto and immerse yourself in what’s possible with tile. Celebrate the chance to install something solid, permanent and beautiful.