5 Amazing Bathroom Tile Trends in San Francisco

Bathroom Tile San Francisco


The bathroom is arguably the second-most important area of the home right after the kitchen. This is a high-traffic part of the home especially in arrangements where multiple people share a single bathroom. You want to keep this space neat, clean, and completely dry to avoid accidental falls. In addition, you want to have a bathroom that is aesthetically appealing from the walls to fixtures, and the flooring. You can achieve this by incorporating stylish and durable tiles on the walls and floors as well. Here are five amazing bathroom tile trends that have gained traction in the Bay Area:

Large Tiles

As it turns out, the bigger the tile, the more sophisticated it looks. You can go with large tile blocks measuring as big as 160cmx320cm and 15mm by width. These large format tiles are beloved for making small spaces appear much bigger than they actually are. This concept comes in handy in city apartments or even townhouses where space is limited. Residents of the Bay Area can attest to the fact that skyrocketing real estate prices mean the affordability of expansive properties seems like a pipe dream. If you search bathroom tile San Francisco, you can see what your city residents prefer.

Large tiles yield the same effect as mirrors or bright colors in small rooms where they automatically transform the space. If you are looking to make a statement, go for large tiles with bold motifs that blend in well with the bathroom’s décor. Another benefit of using large tiles is that they have less grout and are easier to clean. This way, you can keep bathrooms squeaky clean and do so in less time as compared to cleaning smaller blocks of tiles.

Heavenly Blues

The majestic color blue is making a splash! Blue is the color of the sea and it is associated with stability, cleanliness, trust, and confidence. For those of us who cherish this regal color, you will have no qualms trying out different hues of blue. Industry pundits surmise that indigo is the color to watch this season but you don’t have to subscribe to prevailing norms. Be a little adventurous and seek out royal blue, cadet, turquoise, and such gorgeous shades. Add some flair by incorporating an array of unique design elements borrowed from ancient times like the famed oriental motifs. Asian or oriental designs trace their origins to the early days of civilization and hence their classical appeal.

To complete the look, upgrade your towels, rugs, and other linen to matching shades of blue. You can buy the same hues of blue or try different ones depending on your family member’s tastes. In the end, your bathroom will look exquisite and very sanitary.

Bespoke Patterns

If you love patterns but don’t want to be stuck with a uniform pattern, why not have a designer create a combination? Start by selecting patterns that match your preference and be adventurous with different colors and sizes. A seasoned designer will combine these to create bespoke patterns that will transform your bathroom. These bathroom tiles are appropriate for children’s bathrooms as they exude creativity and utilize fun colors. Bespoke patters will appeal to people who prefer to build custom homes or if you purchased a fixer-upper and are gearing up for a full-blown remodel. A quick search for bathroom tile San Francisco will present a plethora of choices to evaluate. Please note, not all your suggestions may work out and therefore, leave some wiggle room for negotiations.

Matte Finishing

While glossy tiles have served us pretty well, matte finishing seems to be taking over even in the beauty industry. Matte tiles are demure and project an elegant, earthy style. There is no glare effect as what you experience with glossy finishing and what’s more, matte finishing is less susceptible to damage. So, if you are looking for something more durable and worth value for your money, matte tiles are a great investment. In addition, matte finishing provides a level of superiority which is ideal for the master bath or a guest bathroom. The latter makes even more sense if you entertain on a regular basis. Every host loves to impress and not just at the dinner table!

Aside from the aesthetics, you will not spot watermarks or smudges on these tiles and they are also easier to clean. Make sure that there is plenty of natural light streaming in to avoid making your bathroom dull.

Ageless Textures

You may be looking to remodel your home to add a touch of sophistication that will last a lifetime. Textured bathroom tiles are a concept that has withstood the test of time and not just in living memory. Textured tiles date back more than a century and this design is not showing signs of letting up any time soon. Designers have become increasingly adept at creating textured motifs to suit nearly every client’s demands. If you have a proclivity for stone finishes like limestone or handmade techniques, a well-qualified designer will produce just what you want. Much like fine art, people with a keen eye can easily detect the type of mood a certain texture brings out. You can also use texture to define a space or incorporate new dimensions into the bathroom.

Whether remodeling or building a custom home, pay substantial attention to the bathrooms so they too can match your standards. There is a breadth of knowledge out there and visiting showrooms or other people’s homes will give you more perspective on the kind of bathroom tiles to install. Do you want a similar tile for the walls and floors? What about the kids’ bathrooms versus the master bath? Responses to these fundamental questions have a direct impact on what the overall outcome will be. Considering the myriad of options in the market, you may be forgiven for not having a budget at the onset. Research extensively and itemize the budget as you go. Eventually, you will find the most befitting designs and have a workable budget to boot.

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