5 Reasons to Use Natural Stone in Your Home

Your home is your castle. You want your abode to be stylish and sophisticated and build equity for the future. Whether building a new space or remodeling the current one, it’s all about the finishes. Using materials like natural stone can enhance the aesthetics of your home and demand attention.

Using finer things comes with a price, but here are five reasons why natural stone is an excellent investment for your space.

Unique Variety Adds Decorative Flair

You can search the world over, and you won’t find any two stones that are the same. The unique nature of rocks is due to the geologic processes that form them. It can take thousands or even millions of years to create just one stone. How priceless is a home with these elements added?

When examining rocks, you will find numerous color variations as well as unique markings that give them individuality. Natural stone is often used to make superb countertops for the kitchen and bath.

They can also be used for the hearth or as the background of a living room fireplace. Man-made materials pale in comparison. They only thing they have going for them is a frugal price point. However, you get what you pay for in life. All the pressed wood and manufacture materials will never last or have the same allure as natural stone.

The things that you can do with natural rocks are endless. What about a beautiful, outdoor, stone patio space, complete with a barbeque and comfy chairs? How about a walkway that leads up to a refreshing swimming pool? With infinite design opportunities, you are only limited by your mind’s eye.

Durability to Last for Centuries

Consider the wonders of the world. Traveling the globe, you will find structures that have stood for centuries. Take, for instance, the Egyptian pyramids or the Coliseum in Rome. What would these architectural masterworks be if they weren’t made from natural stone? Building these structures with lackluster man-made materials would cause them to have a different effect, and there’s no way that they would have lasted as long.

Natural stone is the most durable building material around. It doesn’t matter what these historical sites are exposed to; they remain unscathed.

Now, if they were made from synthetic products, it would require upkeep and expensive maintenance. Natural stone is an investment for someone who wants to do it right the first time. It pays to spend a bit more in the beginning knowing that it’s going to last to infinity and beyond.

Natural Stone is “Green”

If you take a stroll through your local hardware store, you will see warnings and stamps on several products. Some materials use chemicals that can impact the air quality making it unsafe for those with compromised breathing.

Did you know that the state of California puts mandates on certain “wood” products? It’s called Proposition 65 and it warns people about the possibility of developing cancer from exposure to certain materials.

What’s so bad about these man-made knockoffs? Well, they contain formaldehyde, which is the same thing they use to embalm the dead. Do you really want to breathe that in your home every day? When you consider the damage that these man-made products do to your lungs and the environment, the economic cost is no longer a selling point.

Stone, however, is all-natural and poses no risk to your health. There’re no chemicals and its harvested using environmentally sound procedures. Rock is not going to affect your air quality, and it’s not going to wear away. In fact, you can use the products over again. If you’re concerned about our environment, then you should be thrilled to use a product that is 100 percent recyclable.

Enhances the Value of Your Home

Have you ever been shopping for a home and the one with the upgraded features takes your eye? People don’t mind paying more for good quality. Why not upgrade to granite countertops and marble floors?

It’s an investment that is worth the price because buyers look for these high-end items. Would you buy a million-dollar home if it had laminate countertops and outdated shag carpeting? You may pass it over for one that is all updated and used top-of-the-line natural stone finishes.

Rather than looking at the upfront cost, look at the long-term advantages. You may pay more initially, but it won’t need to be replaced. Those laminate countertops are only going to last ten years or a little more. However, stone counters will be there as long as the house is standing. They can even be removed and reused if the home is torn down.

Another great feature is that natural stone is virtually a carefree option. It doesn’t need upkeep. Plus, it will add value to your home. Since there are a wide variety of stone choices, you can find something that will fit your budget and needs. You don’t need to break the bank to add some stone decorative elements to your abode.

Stone Provides Timeless Elegance

Natural stone is something that will always remain in style. People know they will never need to replace it or upgrade it. Stone will remain stylish and in good repair forever.

When considering adding stone to your home, you must remember the romance, elegance, and realism that it brings inside. It’s like bringing part of nature into the place where you spend most of your days and nights. It gives added depth and texture that you just cannot replicate with man-made knockoffs. Additionally, it will be something that can be enjoyed for generations to come. Be creative and see how you can incorporate the wonder of rock into your space.