Why San Jose and Bay Area Residents Are Renovating With Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile

When customers see the styles we have for our Timeworn Collection, they are surprised at the richness of the Lagos Gold, Lagos Azul and Tala Cream colors. These three colors are cut into tiles in patterns that mimic St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy.

Making a decision about kitchen back splashes, floor tile, counter tops and bathroom tile can be difficult. This is especially true when you do not know about all of the materials at your disposal in San Jose. For example, everyone wants to have the most environmentally friendly options in the Bay Area. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to know if expensive stone counter tops or flooring are worth the investment. In addition, trends change every few years, and this could mean removing flooring. One of the best compromises for counter tops, flooring and walls is Italian porcelain floor tile. At our San Jose store, we have two collections of Italian porcelain floor tile that are a high-end substitute for expensive stone.

Why investing in porcelain tile and not stone may be a solution

When you own a property in the Bay Area and might consider selling it in the future, you do not want to spend too much money on materials. Marble and granite can be expensive per-square-inch, and your current residence may need something less expensive. In these cases, we recommend something like Italian porcelain wall tile. In addition to being durable, porcelain tile does not cost so much that you will put off renovating for several decades. It is also environmentally friendly and made from materials that have a low carbon footprint. Plus, it is so high-quality that it can be used on the walls or as floor tile. Along with traditional white, we have several styles and colors that are made to resemble other types of materials.

How ceramic and porcelain tile differ

We have all seen a pottery wheel and know that ceramics are fired in a kiln. The difference between ceramic and porcelain is about the clay it is made from. In short, ceramic is made from clay that is less dense. This means porcelain is made from clay that will produce tiles that are stronger. This makes them ideal for flooring and other surfaces because they will not break as easily as ceramic. Naturally, with either porcelain or ceramic, a glaze can be applied that creates an enameled surface. This forms the vibrant colors we often see with ceramic tiles. With unfinished porcelain with no enameled glaze, the natural beauty of the clay can be covered with a matte or high-shine sealant. This particular look is extremely popular because it is a low-cost alternative to stone.

The types of materials porcelain tiles can resemble

One of the interesting ways that porcelain tiles are used is to mimic other materials. For instance, porcelain tiles can be constructed in a way that it looks like other types of stone such as marble or granite. It can also be constructed to look like brushed metal or other unfinished materials that do not have a matte gloss. White Carrara Timeworn Porcelain is interesting because it comes in a number of colors and it also has an overall distinct style. In particular, this style resembles old tiles that have aged over centuries.

What sets our White Carrara Timeworn Porcelain apart

Porcelain used as tiles have taken on many looks over the years, but unfinished sandstone has been obscure. Regardless, our White Carrara Timeworn Porcelain has captured these stone styles with four shades of beige in our Rectified Porcelain collection. Found in shades such as Bianco, Sabbia, Tortora and Grigio; these colors are also in one striated tile called Paper Bianco.

Having a fifth option that contains all four colors allows for more creative outcomes such as tile borders instead of a solid color for floor tile. This particular stone type is also available in unique cuts. For example, there are the traditional tile sizes such as 3″ by 12″, up to larger sizes such as 24″ by 48″ for flooring, counter tops or shower walls. In addition, we carry the 2″ by 2″ mosaic, hexagon, and Arabesco tiles. There is also a 3″ by 24″ surface bullnose tile.

The floral-cut tiles of the traditional Timeworn Collection

When customers see the styles we have for our Timeworn Collection, they are surprised at the richness of the Lagos Gold, Lagos Azul and Tala Cream colors. These three colors are cut into tiles in patterns that mimic St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy. This includes Roma Basketweave, Sardinia and Corsica. Roma Basketweave has a distinct rectangular look, but the Sardinia and Corsica tile patterns are floral. These striking patterns can be flanked by straight-edge tiles to make floors, walls and counter tops stand out.

The subtle marble elegance of the Ancient Tumbled Timeworn Collection

Far from a mass-produced tile that you find in a big box store, the porcelain in the Ancient Tumbled Collection is finished by hand. Each surface is carefully tumbled and then hand-rubbed before being individually polished. The look for the travertines and marbles are in four colors, but one is particularly unique. Unlike the Light Travertine, Botticino Marble or Bianco Carrara Marble, the dark brown to light-brown richness that the “Noce” model brings is one-of-a-kind. This means you have traditional tile that looks like you spent a million dollars. Despite this, the Italian porcelain wall tile is far less expensive than most potential buyers or renters are expecting.

Let us help you find the perfect Bay Area floor tile

When you need flooring, counter tops or floor tiling in San Francisco, let our San Jose gallery and showroom help. We have Italian porcelain floor tile and options for walls in glazed or unglazed styles that will suit a high-end home. Our Italian porcelain wall tile comes in a surprising number of colors you will not find elsewhere. Once you see the number of options we have, you will soon envision your home with stone look you want to achieve. This takes the pressure off more expensive single-cut slabs of stones like marble, onyx and granite. We have one of the largest stone selections in the area to cover walls, floors, and any surface. To find out more, contact Carmel Imports today or visit us in person.

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