Choosing the Perfect Stone Fireplace for Your Home

One of the most important things to consider before choosing a stone fireplace for your home is whether you are happy with the current decor and style of your home, or whether you will be remodeling in the near future. People who already have the rest of the house furnished and decorated to their tastes have the perfect starting point to choose their stone fireplace. The key is to make sure that the design you choose fits into the style of your home to make the fit as seamless as possible. You want something that looks like it was always a part of the home.


The theme is imperative to fireplace selection, people who want a mountain lodge look might prefer a granite fireplace where a Tuscany themed home would look best with a Marble surround. Color is just as relevant to the style of a home and fireplace choices as the type of material. There are many options like Parisian Antique and Atlantic Dark Limestone Pavers that Carmel Stone Imports has that will fit into several classy designs and themes.


People who have a smaller area for a fireplace might want to consider the higher-end materials like Ismailia stone. This type of stone comes in several colors and works extremely well with homes that are adorned with mosaic tiles. Jerusalem stone slabs work exquisitely for large mantles and huge hearths. Homeowners who want something that blends into the existing design without detracting from the appeal of the home might prefer the Florenzie Collection because of the various shapes, sizes, and finishes available.


Property owners that have a strict budget should consider choosing a large piece of stone with accent tiles or mosaic patterns to create visual depth without breaking the bank. Picking a set of stone tiles or one stone slab as a focal point is an excellent way to stay on track because less expensive complimentary stones can be used to make up the rest of the design. The Jerusalem Collection has Pebble Beach and Halila stones that are available in tumbled and smooth-faced options with a mosaic option for each design.


Picking the right fireplace also requires the homeowner to think about how much maintenance they want to put into cleaning and the upkeep of their unit. Porous materials are more likely to absorb soot and debris than smoother, solid stone options. Property owners should ask plenty of questions about cleaning methods and maintenance needs before making a final selection.

Added value

Installing a beautiful stone fireplace always adds value to a home, but going overboard can be a waste of money. Expert real estate agents suggest that property owners get the opinion of an appraisal specialist or property manager before installing a stone fireplace. Weighing the cost of each product and installation prices compared to the actual value gain is crucial to making a wise selection.

Choosing the right type of stone for your fireplace does not have to be a huge deal. By merely thinking about a few key points, your decision can be easy and fun. With the broad variety of stone options available, there are several designs you may find that fit into your decor or budget. Finishes should also be considered to give your home the look and feel that you want to experience for years to come. Modern designs often work well with clean, flat stone options while Mediterranean and Spanish style homes are complimented with textured fireplaces and mosaic tile accents that give a pop of color.

Carmel Stone Imports is a major West Coast Importer and Wholesaler of unique and exotic first-rate quality natural stone. We are located along the Central Coast of California in Sand City next to Monterey, Carmel and Pebble Beach, and are approximately two hours south of San Francisco and four hours north of Santa Barbara.

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