Phoenician Collection

The Phoenician collection comes from a quarry in the Ismailia region of Egypt. These 3 stone colors have beautiful and light warms veins in taupe and cream hues with occasional fossils. This collection is stocked in honed hand beveled and tumbled finishes; in the traditional Versailles pattern and various other field tile sizes as large as 24×48”. Matching mosaics, trims, and slabs are also in stock and available today.

We import all our Stone Collections directly from the quarries in Italy, Portugal, Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, and Spain. This allows us to offer our dealers and customers the finest quality stone with the best pricing in Palo Alto, San Jose, San Francisco, Atherton, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Carmel, Monterey, and Pebble Beach. See our Jerusalem Collection for more limestone choices also in stock.

Sizes & Finishes

Champagne Taupe Tumbled Limestone
8x8x5/8”, 8x16x5/8”, 16x16x5/8”, 16x24x5/8”, 24x24x5/8”, 16x32x5/8”

Ismailia Cream Tumbled Limestone
8x8x5/8”, 8x16x5/8”, 16x16x5/8”, 16x24x5/8”, 24x24x5/8”, 16x32x5/8”, 1x1x3/8” Mosaic, 2x2x3/8” Mosaic

Ismailia Cream Honed Limestone
3x12x1/2”, 12x12x1/2”, 12x24x1/2”, 18x18x1/2”, 24x48x1/2”, 2x4x3/8”Brick Mosaic, 2” Hexagon Mosaic, ¾x3/4×12” Pencil Liner, 2x1x12” Chair Rail, ¾”(2cm) Slabs, 1 ¼”(3cm) Slabs

Mt. Carmel Honed Limestone
6x6x1/2”, 6x12x1/2”, 12x12x1/2”, 18x18x1/2”, 12x24x1/2”, 24x48x1/2”, ¾”(2cm) Slab, 1 ¼”(3cm) Slab

Mt. Carmel Brushed Limestone
18x18x1/2”, 12x24x1/2”, ¾”(2cm) Slabs, 1 ¼” (3cm) Slabs

Mt. Carmel Heavy Tumbled Cobblestone Limestone
8x8x3/4”, 8x16x3/4”, 16x16x3/4”, 16x24x3/4”, 24x24x3/4”