Limestone Tiles

Carmel Stone Imports stocks Limestone tile in many different colors, sizes and finishes. With a large selection to choose from we can guarantee you will find the perfect material to complete any traditional, modern or decorative design. Certain types of limestone tile may contain small fossils and marine skeletal fragments that give the stone a natural, organic element.

We import all of our limestone tile directly from quarries in Africa, Egypt, Israel, Italy and Palestine. This allows us to offer our clients the finest quality limestone at the best pricing in Palo Alto, San Jose, San Francisco, Atherton, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Carmel, Monterey, and Pebble Beach. Add Limestone to any area in your home you want to showcase, with one of Carmel Stone Imports Limestone tile varieties.


Grigio Foussana Honed Straight Edge
3"x12"x3/8", 12"x24"x3/8"

Tala Cream (Beige) & Tala Grey Light & Lagos Gold & Rosal & Porto Beige & Lagos Blue Honed Straight Edge
3"x12"x3/8", 12"x12"x3/8", 12"x24"x3/8", 18"x18"x3/8"

Moca Cream Vein Cut Honed Straight Edge

Pietra Serena Silk Straight Edge
12"x24"x1/2", 16"x32"x1/2", 16"x16"x3/4", 16"x24"x3/4", 16"x32"x3/4"

Pietra Serena Brocade Straight Edge
16"x16"x3/4", 16"x24"x3/4", 16"x32"x3/4"

Ismailia Cream & Mt. Carmel Honed and Beveled
3"x12"x1/2", 12"x12"x1/2", 12"x24"x1/2", 18"x18"x1/2", 24"x48"x1/2"

Ismailia Cream Tumbled
8"x8"x1/2", 8"x16"x1/2", 16"x16"x1/2", 16"x24"x1/2", 16"x32"x1/2", 24"x24"x1/2"

Mt. Carmel Brushed and Beveled
18"x18"x1/2", 12"x24"x1/2"

Mt. Carmel Cobblestone Heavy Tumbled
8"x8"x3/4", 8"x16"x3/4", 16"x16"x3/4", 16"x24"x3/4", 24"x24"x3/4"

Jerusalem Gold & Jerusalem Grey/Gold & Pebble Beach Tumbled
3"x6"x1/2", 3"x12"x1/2", 6"x6"x1/2", 6"x12"x1/2", 12"x12"x1/2", 24"x24"x1/2", 8"x8"x1/2", 8"x16"x1/2", 16"x16"x1/2", 16"x24"x1/2", 16"x32"x1/2"

Jerusalem Gold & Jerusalem Grey/Gold & Pebble Beach & Halila Honed
3"x12"x3/8", 12"x12"x3/8", 18"x18"x3/8", 12"x24"x3/8", 24"x24"x3/8"

Jerusalem Gold & Jerusalem Grey/Gold & Pebble Beach Split Face
6"x12"x1/2", 3"x12"x1.2cm, 12"x24"x1/2"

Jerusalem Bone Honed
12"x24"x3/8", 18"x18"x3/8"

Time Worn Lagos Azul & Time Worn Lagos Gold & Time Worn Tala Cream
6"x6"x3/8", 3"x12"x3/8", 6"x12"x3/8", 12"x12"x3/8", 12"x24"x3/8"

See our Limestone Mosaics & Trims Page to complete your Limestone tile design

Limestone tile is popular in flooring, interior and exterior wall cladding, fireplaces, patios, kitchen backsplashes, shower walls and shower floors. The unique veining and fossil variation in limestone tile makes it a great choice for large areas in your home.