Visit Carmel Stone Imports: A Popular Natural Stone Supplier in The Palo Alto Area


Carmel Stone Imports Offers Natural Stone and Engineered Stone Surfaces to Residential and Commercial Property Owners in the Palo Alto area

Across the Bay Area, numerous homeowners rely upon lovely stone products available from Carmel Imports. We help custom home builders, developers, property managers, and savvy real estate owners embellish fine homes and businesses. Carmel Imports excels in locating superb stone and engineered stone. These materials enjoy a wide array of uses today. The selective addition of fine granite, marble, limestone, and other stone surfaces helps transform modest homes into unique, customized dwellings.


Consider these popular items for your next project:

Natural Stone

Carmel Imports offers a great selection of beautiful, unique natural stone products. Visit us to find marble, granite, limestone, and onyx.

Economical Engineered Stone & Porcelain

Engineered stone and porcelain selections furnish affordable options. We offer Caesarstone, Neolith, stain-resistant Cambria, and more.

Some Other Popular Products We Carry

Of course, Carmel Imports carries a wide array of other appealing selections. We import slabs, tiles, and pavers internationally:

The Caesarstone Collection

We welcome the opportunity to serve as your Palo Alto Ceasarstone supplier. This sought after engineered stone product closely resembles solid marble in appearance. We offer an outstanding color pallette!

Travertine Tile & Slabs

Find high quality imported Travertine slabs and tiles. This material supplies attractive surfaces for countertops, baths, walls, and more!

Beautiful Marble And Granite Countertops

Our eye-catching marble and granite countertops add elegance to food preparation areas. Use them in bathrooms, bedrooms, and home offices, too.

Stylish Uses For Our Products

Our inventory infuses charm into both indoor and outdoor locations. Whether you’d like to beautify a poolside recreation area or increase the opulence of a residential interior, we furnish appealing solutions:

Upgrade Kitchens

A kitchen makeover frequently increases property values. Find an array of useful items in our collection. We carry stone countertops, kitchen islands, flooring, and more!

Create Luxurious Bathrooms

Let the beauty of natural stone lend an aura of luxury to bathrooms in your home. We carry current, trendy products in popular styles.

Enhance Outdoor Living Spaces

Visit us to locate outstanding stone and tile products for patios, porches, walkways, and poolsides. We offer both slabs and mosaic pieces.

Enjoy Impressive Fireplaces

From creamy limestone to shiny granite, stone mantles and fireplace make a powerful impression on visitors and residents alike. Discover all the essential stone materials you require to craft durable fireplaces and hearths at Carmel Imports. We offer a wonderful selection.

Obtain Fashionable Flooring

Today, lovely hard stone and tile flooring graces some of the most luxurious homes in the nation. We offer a rich selection of these products. (Ask us about magnificent travertine or marble tile flooring.)

Visit Us Soon!

We’d like to encourage you to visit one of our showrooms soon. Explore these exciting and highly affordable home improvement products. Infuse the beauty of natural stone into your living and workspaces. You won’t regret your decision to evaluate our inventory in person.

We maintain three convenient locations in the Bay Area (including a huge 60,000 square foot warehouse). We’d like to become your preferred natural stone supplier in Palo Alto. Contact us by calling 1-888-633-0669 today!