Remodel Your Kitchen in Time for The Holidays

Remodel Your Kitchen in Time for The Holidays

Remodeling your kitchen in time of the holidays can be great, especially if you enjoy hosting. Usually, the timeline for completing this project will vary based on how big the remodel is. If you are planning a kitchen remodeling project, it will be best to have a well-thought-out plan and work with a professional and dependable contractor.

Below are a few tips you can employ if you plan to remodel your kitchen in time for the holiday.


It is vital to plan and do extensive research before embarking on your kitchen remodel project. Have your current kitchen in mind and note down what works for you and what you would like to change. Do you want to change your cabinets or perhaps have kitchen stone slabs?

The research will help you understand your options and define your needs. Ultimately, the amount of work impacts your budget and timeline.

Find a Remodeling Professional

If you intend to have a successful kitchen remodel, you need to work with a professional remodeling contractor. More often than not, you will have to update your electrical or plumbing systems. You will also need to get the exact measurements and installation of your kitchen island and cabinets. This is why an extensive kitchen remodel requires the attention of a professional.

Look at different portfolios, read reviews, and ask for recommendations from friends and family. Narrow down to at least three and set up a meeting to determine the right fit for your project. Ensure you go over your needs and find out if they can meet them in the required timeframe.

It would help if you considered working with a kitchen designer since they know more about interior spaces and interior design. They know all about functionality and the latest kitchen designs, and cabinet selection trends. The best part is that they often work with you to ensure that everything aligns with your vision and meets your set goals. Working with a kitchen designer can also make the planning and design process shorter.

Understand Your Timeline

Depending on the project’s complexity, the design and planning phase can take anywhere between two to eight weeks. Knowing the functional needs and interior design look you are going for can speed up the process.

When you know what you want, it is easy to draft a budget, and you can also provide the remodeling contractor with pictures of your vision. This can help move the project forward much faster. Check out these kitchen design ideas.

Order Products and Materials

Kitchen remodeling can sometimes be a daunting task. Products and materials may take time to arrive, especially with items like cabinets. Stone countertops, flooring, and specialty tiles may also take an extended period to arrive when you order them. You need the materials to arrive on time so they can be installed as needed.

There are several decisions you have to make about finishes and materials. Therefore, consider working with a professional since they will help you navigate the wide range of fixtures, finishes, and products. They can guide you in selecting those that fit your budget, needs, and aesthetic.

Kitchen Remodeling

Your kitchen remodeling construction can begin as soon as the design and planning are done and you have a plan. Generally, the demolition and installation of a new regular-sized kitchen can take eight to ten weeks. The process will take longer if you make structural changes, get rid of walls, or work on a larger space.

If you plan to have your kitchen remodel done in time for the holidays, you will have to start as soon as possible. Remodeling begins way before the construction begins. Remember that the more complex your project is, the longer it will take. Below is an outline of what the process might look like when broken down.

  • Remove appliances, drywall, flooring, cabinets, and electric and plumbing inspections.
  • Replace or repairing the drywall and preparing the subfloor for new flooring material.
  • Installing cabinets, hardware, and trim.
  • Complete the countertop template and installing the window trim, door, and baseboard.
  • Install flooring.
  • Waiting for the countertop.
  • Installing the countertop, installing appliances, hooking up plumbing, and start backsplash installation.
  • Complete grout and backsplash, painting the kitchen and having the final inspection process.

If you would like a timely and smooth installation, you require proper planning, as discussed, and a dependable contractor. Ensure that you have submitted all the necessary building permits. Order everything you need beforehand so that you have everything you need when construction begins.

Things to Consider Before You Remodel Your Kitchen

There are multiple things you can consider changing or improving when doing your kitchen remodel. Click on the provided link for kitchen remodeling ideas. Ultimately, you will decide what you want your new kitchen to look like. Listed are some of the things you can consider.

  • Have seating that is out of the way.
  • Consider installing open shelves or glass-front cabinets.
  • Have convenient recycling and garbage areas built-in.
  • Consider having a coffee station.
  • Install dimmers and speakers.
  • Install large windows and also have windows over the sink.

For more things to consider in your remodeling project visit the provided link.

How to Live Through the Construction Process

The kitchen remodeling process is disruptive, messy, and loud. This is why it helps to work with a professional since they will ensure that the project runs smoothly and cause as little disturbance as possible. They will also ensure that there is very little mess in your home.

It would also be best not to entertain visitors during this period and if you do, keep it at a minimum. Consider hosting outdoors. You can even take a trip to avoid the noise, but ensure you are easily accessible because the contractor may need your input.

Suppose you are considering remodeling your kitchen in time for the holidays. In that case, summer would be the best time to start working on your project since the weather is excellent. A kitchen remodeling project can be disruptive and take longer, but your end goal will keep you going. Once everything is done, you will have a new kitchen where you can comfortably host your friends and family and enjoy their company.