How to “Wow” Guests with Bold Tiles in Your Home

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So, you’re looking to spruce your home’s interior design and need some super creative ideas. Igniting interior spaces with bold tiles is a fresh and  fun way to do so and an invigorating opportunity to explore.

Tile Flooring

When you think of installing tile flooring, what comes to mind? Do you see the same old tired images that leave a lackluster feeling once the job is done? If so, that’s a shame because tile floors have so much more to offer than, “blah” or “basic” end results.

Because tile flooring is created with silicates, from fired clay, or honed from stone, they can stand up to the elements of high-traffic areas and scratching. Tile can be cut to size or purchased in various sizes to tell the perfect story of every room. Display and diversity of application are two significant assets of using tile in the home.

How exciting it is that beautiful Italian porcelain tiles, for example can be created to mimic the modern look of concrete in various colors? Also, while tile is typically called to flooring, it can be beautifully exhibited on walls and counter tops. It is a superior and versatile product created for versatile purposes.

Stone Tiles & Slabs

A reputable and well-educated flooring tile Santa Cruz supplier will have the knowledge to present the benefits of tile flooring whether in tile form or slabs.

Stone slabs are gorgeous in part due to size. Imagine a grand slab of earthen stone on your kitchen island or outdoor bar. Stone slabs and patterned tiles hold inherently extraordinary vein movement, waves and flecks that create unimaginable beauty, especially in larger installation settings.

Let’s get started in creating the ultimate wow-factor with beautiful, bold tiles!

Getting to the Nitty-Gritty

When trying to coordinate an interior design project using bold tiles, it is helpful to refer to these suggestions that will help move your tile project along more smoothly.

  1. Budget – Every project needs a budget. It is helpful to do a little bold tile homework prior to setting a budget so you know what to expect. Budget for materials, labor and surplus in case of accidental mishandling. Budgeting will also assist in selecting the best tile company for your needs.
  2. Tile Knowledge – Because there are so many variations of bold tiles to choose from gaining a bit of tile knowledge prior to purchasing can save money and headaches. For example, will your bold tiles be used indoors or outdoors? This basic question is crucial for proper tile selection because not every tile is created equal when it comes to weather or climate-related issues.
  3. Tile Flooring Supplier – Exploring flooring tile Santa Cruz style can help you discover the grand world of flooring tile options. Be informed. Ask questions like what happens if some tiles are not consistent with other tiles being used, color patterns or quality?

The Fun Begins

You’ve done your homework, set your budget, located your favorite tile flooring supplier and are ready to start thinking about the type of bold tiles you can’t live without.

Bold tiles, especially patterned tiles love to incorporate colors of all kinds. Some are solid colors; some are manufactured colored patterns and others come from Mother Nature’s natural beauty. Deciding on preferred colors or color combinations, as well as considering surrounding environmental color schemes is a great place to start piecing your interior spaces together using bold tiles.

Using patterned tiles shows off well in all types of interior spaces. Think of a white room. If nothing else, picture your favorite color or colors on the floor. Then think of a pattern you love. Voila! You’ve just designed your own very impressive space using patterned tiles.

Bold tiles and patterned tiles are ultra-expressive and full of character. In fact, patterned tiles are an excellent choice for personal expression and individuality.

Don’t be fooled with bold tiles in smaller interior spaces, either. Be excited! Accenting smaller spaces with sleek lines of bold tiles or patterned tiles is a smart way to incorporate design, color, light and movement.

Horizontal or vertical lines of smaller bold tiles offers the illusion of either added height or width in smaller interior spaces. Of course, patterned tiles are just fun choices to use because they are so full of personality.

Texture Factors – Bold tiles and patterned tiles are perfect for adding either true texture components or the illusion of additional texture. Texture features add warmth, depth and emotion within the heart of a room’s overall designed appearance. Choosing a textured slab for flooring also promotes a safer walking surface where slips and falls are of concern.

Traditional, Contemporary, or Somewhere In-Between

What is your design style? Do you prefer the less-is-more plan or is there room for a grander scale plan? One of the greatest particulars about bold tiles and slabs is how easy it is to mix and match or streamline design concepts according to design composition style.

For example, a traditional home can enhance interior spaces by installing sophisticated Infinito 2.0 slabs for a breathtaking, modernized end result. The patterned movement visible on this type of slab becomes an exquisite focal point and works well in all types of interior design plans.

A more modest home renovation can affordably spawn charm with an earthier look that showcases refinement and cutting-edge modification. A Time Worn Ancient Collection brings the outdoors in by creating an indigenous mood to flooring, counters and walls.

Combining stone, bold tile colors and patterns is an intrinsic go-to design strategy that is capable of uniting colors, textures and patterns with high success rates. Don’t be afraid to imagine bigger.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or going through a home renovation, bold tiles are always a good choice. Because of the uniqueness of every type of tile, every space is unique because no two tiles are exactly alike. By familiarizing yourself, flooring tile Santa Cruz becomes the validation you need for designing stunning projects like a professional.