2021 Kitchen Design Ideas

natural stone kitchen design

After almost a year and a half of people stuck in their homes, people’s attention has turned to creatively upgrading their home. As the kitchen is considered the heart of the home, kitchen remodels are high priority for most homeowners when deciding where to spend most of their home improvement budget. Kitchen remodels serve to enhance the kitchen’s appearance as well as improve functionality and convenience. Looking to make your kitchen purposefully timeless? Below are some 2021 kitchen design ideas you might try.

2021 Kitchen Design Ideas

Warm Up The Color Scheme

Many kitchens have implemented the black and grey monochrome color schemes for a more uniform look. However, warmer lights do not require as much lighting, which is one of the reasons why warmer colors are finding their place in kitchens. Switch out the grey kitchen slabs for a warmer setting, like a light beige or cream. This way, even with a window open, more natural lights filters into the room giving an appearance of more vibrancy. Some people are introducing a statement stone to be the backdrop or the centerpiece of the kitchen. If you want to get some ideas on the best color to go with your kitchen, pay a visit to a good tile showroom and explore the best color pattern to use.

Tech Pieces In The Kitchen

After a year where health and hygiene has been everyone’s upmost priority, people have taken steps to ensure that they minimize contact with as many surfaces as possible. Enter motion sensor kitchen appliances. Faucets are one of the main features of this new trend. Instead of the faucets you can turn on and off with your hand, upgrade to a sleek kitchen design that you can control with the movements of your hands or even your voice. You can select one that matches your color scheme and have it installed. Apart from being a design aesthetic, it is a hygienic way to operate around the kitchen.

More Storage

Less clutter around the kitchen has become a go-to choice for many people and adding functional storage methods is a necessity in many kitchens. From open-style shelves to more pantry space and even inbuilt kitchenware, people want a more seamless look. There are even spaces that store small kitchen appliances like toasters. A intuitive kitchen countertop supplier Santa Cruz might have some pretty interesting solutions to storage systems that fit into your ideal aesthetic while helping you keep your food and utensils safe and organized. Organizing the kitchen is also a safety measure, especially if you have kids around. You do not want the kids accessing the sweets jar or bumping into knives because they have been poorly stored. Whether you have a small kitchen or a big one, there are kitchen design ideas to sort out any storage issues in your home.


For the longest time, artworld was designated for lounge areas, sitting rooms, dining areas, and generally everywhere else but the kitchen. However, 2021 is the year statement art pieces are making their way into the kitchen. You will definitely be spotting foodie or abstract pieces in many kitchens this year. Kitchen design ideas in 2021 are all about giving the kitchen a more contemporary and trendy finish. That piece of art you have in storage because you couldn’t find a spot for it? Prop it up in the kitchen and spice up the space. Quite literally.

Hybrid Islands

Many people have the kitchen island dream in their minds when picturing the perfect kitchen. However, some kitchens are not spacious enough for a big kitchen island, which is where the hybrid island comes into the picture. A hybrid kitchen island features a kitchen sink for more functionality and some seats on the opposite side, so it doubles up as a dining table. With established functionality, people can get the islands fixed into the house. Select a brilliant natural stone countertop to accentuate your new island.

More Natural Lighting

Kitchens are becoming more open spaces – and natural lighting is making a comeback. From French doors to large windows that let light in and transparent roofs, the kitchen space is becoming brighter by the trend. A trip to a tile showroom would show you the best tiles to brighten up the kitchen and compliment the doors and windows. Incorporate plants into the kitchen space to add life and natural color.

A Prep Kitchen/Section

A trend that is quickly catching on in many kitchens is having a separate prep area that is not the cooking area. For people who produce food organically in gardens at home or they buy some vegetables fresh from the farmers market, there is a lot of mud and cleaning involved. Some people also prefer cleaning vegetables and utensils on different sinks. Whether it is a whole separate section or a separate sink, a natural stone countertop designated for a prep space is another of many kitchen design ideas you might want to incorporate.

Induction Appliances

In a move to make the kitchen space green and sustainable, people are leaning more towards induction cookers and further from electric and gas ones. Induction cookers offer a better method of cooking, and they are easier to clean compared to their counterparts. Create custom cabinetry and natural stone countertops to fit your induction appliance for a seamless look.

Kitchen trends are always evolving and incorporating modern aspects as time goes by. Always consider the functional needs of your kitchen first, and appearance second. Natural stone kitchens fit the criteria almost every time. Visit one of our tile showrooms to view our huge selection of natural stone and more!