Five Ways to Incorporate Natural Stone Throughout Your Entire Home

Natural Stone Throughout Entire Home
Homeowners have been using engineered stone, laminate products, and ceramic materials for a long time. But once they interact with a natural stone, the whole idea or architectural design changes. In many instances, they ask for more ideas to incorporate stones into their spaces.

Though experts classify stones as prehistoric materials, modern-day architects and designers can incorporate them into indoor and outdoor spaces. Natural stone’s merits outweigh other materials, with durability and practicability topping the list. You can craft the stone remnants into beautiful home accessories, amongst other products.

But why are people embracing the use of natural stone in their houses today? Here are quick facts to use this material in your home.
• The use of the material potentially increases the value of a home.
• Houses and products made of stones last long
• Stones have a remarkable elegant feature

Keep reading to know the numerous ways a natural stone can transform the look of your house into a magnificent abode.

1. Home Office
With every working setup embracing the virtual working environment, home offices are sprouting globally. And, there is a need to have a fully functional, stylish office within a home. The standard desks made of wood are becoming phased out with their tendency of attracting stains and scratches.

You can change the narrative by using natural stones as countertops; granite and quartz are the best for working surfaces. They are hard, can handle laptops with all the heat they emit, and can’t scratch or become stained from food spills or other forms.
Besides, the home environment is a challenge on its own, given the numerous forms of distractions you may encounter. By having a functional and stylish office, you are likely kicking out boredom to ensure you’re active and motivated during working hours.

2. Fireplace Surround Natural Stone Decor
While a homeowner may be eyeing the statement design in a living room, natural stone can be used as an additive to surround the fireplace. There are unique styles or designs you can choose from to achieve a modern custom look. Check your nearest natural stone showroom palo alto for the various interior designs to settle on.

Besides, there are many colors and patterns to customize the material; you can do the granite, sintered, or porcelain stone for the fireplace. The stones also stand out for their heat-resistant feature, a leading reason people prefer them for the home’s focal point. It stands at high temperatures for a long time as opposed to other materials.

3. Bathroom Shower Walls
Every bathroom wall designer always prioritizes stones as the best material for use. It adds visual impact at a glance besides transforming the known functional space into beautiful art. You can have the material as the countertop, but additionally, you can use it to finish the whole bathroom, shower wall, or even the feature wall.

Look for the famous marble or granite materials offering dramatic patterns and colors. You can install them as stone slabs or tiles, depending on your preference. But the most important thing to put into account is that natural stones in bathrooms require regular maintenance. You can clean the material using sealed neutral cleaners.

But, strive to eye on the classic, trendy designs shown at our natural stone showroom palo alto. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a home renovation on the living room or master bedroom; you can incorporate these materials in your home to get unique styles.

4. Kitchen
It’s a usual trend today to have an entire outdoor space with all aspects of a home. You can have the outdoor kitchen to the living room if you’ve been eyeing the outdoor living in all styles and designs.

Many people are going for the stone countertops for the outdoor kitchen spaces. In this scenario, sintered and porcelain stones are ideal because of their durability against all weather conditions and easy-to-clean characteristics after long barbeque festivities.

Besides, you can have the indoor kitchen in stones too. You can use it in tile, slabs, or mosaic for the kitchen design. You can also incorporate it into an already existing structure in a home to ensure that your designs withstand high temperatures and challenging stains. The stones also make kitchens have an extra workspace, entertainment area, and even storage space increasing your home value.

5. Closets
While everyone is looking for a popping material for their closets, stone countertops are overtaking other materials in stunning beauty. First, they are reflective, making them more attractive when used to showcase jewelry or heirlooms by designers.

If you can incorporate the material in your closet, perhaps you may spend all your mornings staring at the glow. Your forgotten space can be transformed into a beautiful space when you use stones in different designs and styles.

No matter where you want to incorporate a natural stone in your home, you’ll always get it in varied styles and designs for all the interior spaces. You can transform your kitchen, fireplace surround, closet, bathroom walls, home office, and many more into your taste.