Tile Fireplaces: Achieve Luxury at Home

Tile Fireplace

Fireplaces play a significant role in making your house look luxurious and even a bit classic. While there are many ways to go about it, tile fireplaces will always bring a touch of luxury while still serving their purpose. Wrapping the fireplace with tile could also help increase your home’s resale value.

Many benefits come with tiling up your fireplace, but you also need to do it right. With a few pointers and a couple of considerations, you will be good to go.

Where Can One Use Tiles on a Fireplace?

Tiles are excellent interior décor materials. The fact that they come in different textures, materials, and colors makes them quite extensive. However, it would be best to remember that tiling up your fireplace is not the same as styling other rooms with tiles. Any environment that could be subjected to temperatures above 80 degrees Celsius or 175 degrees Farenheight is not suitable for tile work. For this reason, you need to pay attention to what your options entail.

A fireplace can easily be divided into three parts. These are the surrounding, the heath, and the firebox.

The surrounding is the exterior of the fireplace and often the part that most stands out. This section needs to look luxurious, catchy to the eye while remaining durable. Tiles are excellent materials for this section. Since it is not directly subjected to the heat, you can be sure that what you do with it will last for a considerable period in line with tile decorations.

The second section is the heath, the area right in front of the fireplace and below the unit. It could be both horizontal and raised based on your construction design. You can opt to work with tiles in this area as well. If your room’s floor is layered up with wood or a carpet, using tiles on the heath could turn out to be a necessity. It helps maintain the classic look of the room while protecting the surroundings from heat damage.

Finally, there is the firebox itself. This is the area where you light the fire and so the hottest section of your fireplace. Since the heat here is extreme, tiles will not be your best choice. You will need more solid materials, those that can withstand such high temperatures like bricks and stones.

Aside from the firebox, you can craftily find a way to style up your house while building a luxury fireplace that brings out the space essence you are looking to achieve.

Different Types of Tiles You Can Use

You will find different tiles made of other materials in most building and interior décor stores. The tile showroom Palo Alto has impressive options. While wall tiles can efficiently work around the fireplace, it is always safer to look for those that work best with high temperatures. If getting an ideal option seems a bit tough, try asking for backsplash tiles. They are often made to withstand high heat since they fall around stove areas.

• Ceramic tiles

These types of tiles have been in the interior décor space for hundreds of years. People were quite accustomed to using decorative ceramic tiles around the late 19th century. They are known to be durable with heat, and you could go for extra thick options for better outcomes.

• Porcelain

The advantage of porcelain to ceramic is the firing at higher temperatures during production. This brings a different look that isn’t achievable with its counterparts unless glazed. Since its modeling already involves extensive heat, it is an ideal option for a fireplace.

• Stone tiles

Stone tiles are another fantastic option for lining up the fireplace. They turn the surface to a natural look and offers excellent replacements for the traditional brick models. Stone tiles are incredibly durable. Alternatively, you could still go for porcelain tiles with a stone-like finish to achieve the same look.

• Glass and metal tiles

If you are looking for a contemporary yet romantic finish, then glass tiles are your go-to option. Metal tiles will bring a bit of a rustic feel, which is excellent for a classic look. Both materials are durable with high temperatures.

How to Build a Tile Fireplace

When tiling up your fireplace, you first need to ensure that the bricks or stones surrounding the heath are stable. If it an old house, get a professional to check its condition. After this is done, clean it up to clear any debris not to work against the adhesive. You might also need to even out some corners in case they are too high. A rubbing stone will make this happen quickly.

Next, use heat-resistant mortar to even the surface. You can then let the skim dry and use it as the base for tiling. Backer boards will come in handy, especially if you have a metal surrounding. Often, a metal frame is not strong enough for tiling, so the backer board adds it up for a good finish.

Tiling your fireplace will take about six hours after prep time. You might need an additional three hours for the heath, although it depends on how big is the surface. Ensure you have cleaning tile supplies and tile cleaning tips for surface clearing after the work and later during regular house cleaning routines.

Note that different states have different fire installation codes. This might mean you get a practiced hand to do the work. Also, ensure you consult with federal building codes that regulate fireplaces tile installations locally.

Tiles for a Luxury Fireplace

Everyone wants to come home to a house that makes them feel restful from everyday work chaos. When tiling your fireplace, keep in mind that this is the ultimate experience you seek to get. This way, it will be easier to choose something appropriate which you will enjoy for years to come. With the perfect blend of quality cover and design appeal, you will achieve this.

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