How to Use Pavers to Modernize Your Outdoor Space 

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Thinking about updating or remodeling your exterior space? An excellent way to achieve a look that is both visually pleasing and long-lasting is with pavers. A paver is a paving stone that consists of natural stone, cement, clay, or porcelain in its composition. These stones are very durable and resistant to everyday wear and tear. They can be used on concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, driveways, garden paths, pool decks, steps, and walkways. They’re ideal for modernizing or updating the look of residential, commercial, and industrial settings. What’s more, the use of individual stones, as opposed to using one surface material, allows for creativity in your exterior design.


Benefits of Pavers in Your Outdoor Space




To modernize your outdoor design, start with a material that will withstand the ravages of time. A big advantage of paving stones is their durability. Made from fine and beautiful materials such as limestone, marble, and porcelain, they last for decades and stand up to brutal climate conditions. Rain, wind, and heat are just some of the stresses that can wreak havoc on your driveway or patio. That’s just the reality of an outdoor environment. Paving stones, available in our natural stone showroom in Palo Alto, don’t break easily and won’t crack under pressure. They’re also resistant to fissures, chipping, or buckling. They are much more durable than poured concrete for the purpose of an outdoor paving project. A stone importer like Carmel Stone Imports ensures the longevity of paving stones by importing the finest products known for their durability.


Stain and Skid Resistance


Another benefit of using paving stones from a stone importer is their stain resistance. Stains and skids can occur even when you’re being very careful. But natural stones are suitable even for high-traffic commercial settings, since they will endure longer (and look more modern) than a poured asphalt or concrete slab. The resistance to stains and skidmarks is due to the natural qualities and finishes of the stone to prevent stains from spills, oil leaks, or rubber tread marks. That level of protection makes the material stain-resistant for both commercial and residential outdoor design.


Ease of Installation and Replacement


To keep your space looking modern and new, you will need a material that can be installed and replaced easily. Another advantage of pavers from a stone importer is the ease of installation and replacement. If stones do sustain damage, instead of replacing the entire surface, simply switch out the damaged stones for new ones from our natural stone showroom in Palo Alto. Typically, replacing a paver doesn’t necessarily call for extra labor or the use of complicated tools. Replacing a paver can be easy enough to do yourself.


Low Maintenance


Since paving stones are usually designed in such a way that they’re weatherproof, they’re easy to maintain. Let’s face it, you have better things to do with your time than waste it on a high maintenance outdoor environment. Choosing the right paving material will help you avoid that. You won’t need to worry about cracking and breaking during the rainy season and getting stained during the winter season. Sweeping the stones on a regular basis will help keep them looking new. Perhaps the greatest benefit to natural stone is that it looks nice for a long time without much upkeep. And that’s what most people want. The quality of the stone ensures a minimum of ongoing maintenance. Porcelain pavers, for instance, are a low maintenance and affordable way to achieve a modern look for any outdoor design. Your exterior space will look modern, stylish, and professional without having to spend much too time maintaining it.


Show Off Your Artistic Flair With Pavers


Choice of colors and patterns are additional benefits of using paving stones to modernize your outdoor space. Paving stones come in a range of colors and can be positioned in any number of different shapes or patterns. You can arrange different textures and orientations. Quality stones can really give your patio or other outdoor space a distinctive look. Limestone, for example, is available in many colors–from light and cream-colored, as in Jerusalem Beige, to the deep dark grey of Atlantic Dark. Marble gives a look of elegant sophistication to your patio or pool deck. Italian porcelain of the highest quality (also available in different colors) is the latest trend in hardscaping. 


Carmel Stone Imports is currently importing and stocking a variety of Italian porcelain paving stones. You or your contractor can install alternating colors, create the shape of a star, spell out words or initials, or produce just about any geometric form or pattern. You can also opt to just let the fine and beautiful material speak for itself. Whatever you choose, paving stones are the perfect material to showcase your exterior design ideas.