Built to Last: How to Remodel with Stone for a Timeless Upgrade 

When homeowners go to renovate a bathroom, ideally, they want to choose a style that won’t lose appeal as soon as it goes out of fashion. Just because a style in the home is on trending doesn’t mean it will be timeless. As much as possible, stone remodel Palo Alto professionals will tell homeowners that they want to avoid things that go out of style because of how they won’t get as good of a return on their investment. 


Quartz Offers Timeless Appeal


They first began to make the quartz countertop with the purpose of lasting, and the color has a timeless appeal that will last. People can choose anything here from a sleek concrete choice to a regal marble appearance. Luxury quartz counters look fashionable no matter what era a person lives in. This maximizes the potential of the investment.


Some of the top choices of quartz include:


  • Frost white quartz
  • Lagos azul quartz
  • Calacatta classique quartz
  • Midnight Majesty – Concrete Finish Quartz
  • Calacatta Pearl Marble-Look Quartz

Frost White Quartz


Frost white quartz offers a timeless sleek appeal that homeowners can pull off with ease. This shimmering white tone can be maintained easily, it offers excellent durability. In particular, the pebble shape stones will work well in bathrooms, foyers and kitchens. Anywhere where someone would desire a clean and sharp look. They have used this for the countertops, walls and flooring.


Lagos Azul Quartz


Offering a coffee-brown accent in a kitchen or bathroom, some people find this a classy look to add to the home. People also like this choice because of its stain resistance, low maintenance and durability. Anyone who wants to bring an earthy tone to the home might find this choice appealing. Some of the places where it has seen successful use has been with backsplashes, flooring, countertops and interior design. Homeowners also like it because of how it has proven an easy way to save money.


Calacatta Classique Quartz


For anyone who wants to bring a sophisticated look to the bathroom or kitchen, the calacatta classique quartz has a unique and exquisite appearance. This luxurious marble also largely remains maintenance free. This Italian choice isn’t technically marble, but it has much of the appearance of marble slabs. 


Midnight Majesty – Concrete Finish Quartz


Everything looks good in black, and a Midnight Majesty countertop is no different. This timeless classic has a smooth velvety appearance that appeals to a wide range of people. The black background contrasts with black flecks of finish that add to a classy appearance. Homeowners might choose this for kitchen islands, bar tops, backsplashes or a countertop.


Calacatta Pearl Marble-Look Quartz


Created for entrancing beauty and sophistication, this is another quartz choice that looks like marble, but it isn’t marble. The calacatta pearl marble-look quartz offers timeless appeal that features prominent long dark veins that serve to make this choice look even better. Along with sporting an upscale look, people get lifelong durability and another Italian classic that has the appearance of marble without the cost of marble.


How to Choose Stone Design


When homeowners go to choose a classic stone upgrade, they should first consider what will look good in the home. What looks good in one home may not appeal in the other. That’s fine because each home should have its own personality. In general, people should choose one that offers the maximum level of durability and low maintenance because this maximizes the investment over the long term.


The other thing to consider is circumstances. For example, someone who loves to bake might do well with a marble countertop, but if they have a big family with many children, this can lead to sticky fingerprints and juice spills. For that reason, a durable choice that doesn’t stain might be the better of the two options. 




Even though it was previously said that little maintenance is needed, the one thing to understand with natural stone is that most of the time, it will require at least some maintenance. It doesn’t mean people can get away with zero maintenance if they want to maximize their investment’s lifetime. Periodic maintenance will require that a person goes through the process of resealing the stone every three to four years. The one advantage of quartz is that in many cases, people don’t have to worry about the maintenance end of it. In fact, that’s one of the reasons that quartz has become such a popular choice.


Stone Remodel Palo Alto: Cabinet Color Secrets


One of the elements that people shouldn’t underestimate comes from the cabinet color choices. This can help the stone countertop to pop and make the kitchen look even classier. For example, light chalky blue on white quartz countertops has made them look even flashier. Admittedly, this may not be the ultimate choice for everyone, but some people might like the color pop in the kitchen.


Adding Technology


Perhaps one of the more interesting ways that people can update their kitchen and make it look even flashier is to add some modern gadgets and updates with technology. Homeowners might buy smart appliances for energy savings, and they could turn on the coffee pot from their smartphone. All of this depends on the tastes of the homeowner, but they can bring their kitchen into the modern age with updated technology that puts a techy vibe in the kitchen. 

Someone who’s thinking of a stone remodel project should consider how timeless their stone choices will be. This can help them to improve their decisions and get the look in the home that they truly hunger for. Professionals will put in the slabs that a person wants, but they should first understand where they want to go with the project. For example, what are some of the things that they want to accomplish with this project? That will help them to decide on how to proceed with getting the most timeless appeal.