Beginners Guide: The Many Advantages of Cambria Quartz and Caesarstone Quartz

Beginners Guide: The Many Advantages of Cambria Quartz and Caesarstone Quartz

If you’re not familiar with the use of Cambria quartz or Caesarstone quartz, you are going to find out the many advantages that accrue from their usage.

by Carmel Stone Imports

Beginners Guide: The Many Advantages of Cambria Quartz and Caesarstone Quartz

Natural stone has been used for various purposes for a very long time. Cambria is one of the natural stones that has been utilized in numerous ways. It is a natural quartz product that has been used in many homes and businesses across the world. Cambria is one of the hardest minerals found in the earth. It is widely recognized for being strong and durable.

Caesarstone is another important mineral used on properties. It can last for ages and it considered to be a valuable mineral. Caesarstone quartz is used in homes for various purposes. Although always popular, it has gained even more notoriety for being the go-to surface of many home and business owners looking to upgrade their surfaces and is rising in market value.

If you’re not familiar with the use of Cambria quartz or Caesarstone quartz, you are going to find out the many advantages that accrue from their usage. As such, you should be motivated to turn to Quartz as a viable option for your home or business.

What is engineered quartz?

Moving our focus to engineered quartz stone slabs, we will first inform you what exactly they are. Engineered quartz is basically a product made by mixing natural materials. They are sometimes referred to as engineered stone countertops or quartz countertops. Their composition is majorly ground quartz which is mixed with resins. The end product that is produced are nonporous stone slabs.

Engineered quartz is shaped into stone slabs that vary between manufacturers. Something important to note is that they remain very strong, even in a manufactured form. Another vital thing to note is that one of their unique characteristics is that they are very durable and last for a very long time without having cracking issues. At the same time, engineered quartz is resistant to any scratches dents or even acids. It doesn’t need to be replaced as often as some surfaces so it offers a lasting solution to your home.

Advantages of Engineered Quartz Stone Slabs

  • Maintenance free

When you use engineered Cambria countertops in your house, there will be no need for polishing or sealing. Once you have it installed, your surface is all set. You can be rest assured that you won’t need to go back for any repairs because Cambria and Caesarstone countertops do not crack easily. At the same time, you can rarely find them chipping as well.

When compared to concrete and granite, engineered quartz proves to be the better option. Granite, if used, will take you to task since it will need an annual sealing or even twice the same year. Stains, on the other hand, these issues are not found on Cambria and Caesarstone countertops while they are common on granite surfaces.

  • Consistent in color and texture

Engineered quartz is available in a variety of colors. An advantage here is that whatever color you choose will be consistent in color and texture over the timespan it will be in your home or business. This is phenomenal, and it should be noted that the colors are exceptional. When compared to some natural stone the colors seem to be consistent. A variety of colors are available ranging from palette to brighter colors. The finish you get has a depth which can not be found on other natural stones.

  • Nonporous nature

Here you may not need to do a comparison with other hard surface countertop minerals or stones. Cambria and Caesarstone quartz stone slabs offer a non–porous material that keeps your places safe from infection. The resistance to staining you get from engineered quartz is unparalleled. When compared to granite or marble, quartz still proves to lead the pack.

The nonporous surface helps protect your countertops or washroom surfaces from viruses or bacteria. It’s easy to maintained and the cleanup is simple. Things that may pour on the counter like juice, tea or milk will not stain or seep into the surface.

  • Durable and long lasting

Cambria quartz countertops are made from natural quartz. Natural quartz is very strong. It is also durable and can last for a longer time as compared to other natural stones. Know that by purchasing engineered quartz you get both Caesarstone quartz and Cambria quartz, their durability is assured.

5 New Reasons for You to Remodel Your Home With Cambria Quartz or Caesarstone Quartz

You may be on the fence about Cambria and Caesarstone Quartz. It is, however, time that you strongly consider them and experience the satisfying benefits that many people from around the world have experienced. There are new reasons that should prompt you to remodel your home with these precious products.

These are some of the reasons you should strongly consider remodeling your property with quartz:

  • Variety

If you’re in the process of changing the look of your home, a variety of counters produced from engineered stone should be your top priority. Engineered stones that are used to make quartz countertops have more variety that you cannot find in other stones. For your countertop, you can choose from over 120 designs. Needless to say that you can now have any style you have wanted for your property..

  • Hygiene maintenance

With engineered quartz, you are assured of nonporous materials. Bacteria growth on nonporous surfaces is highly minimized, and you can be sure your kitchen or washroom is kept clean. Issues to do with bacteria and viruses may therefore not get an opportunity to crawl back into your house once it is thoroughly polished.

  • Return on Investment

It is worth noting that once you plan to make a renovation for your property, you should make your investment worthwhile. This can easily be achieved by turning to engineered quartz such as Cambria and Caesarstone. Aging countertops that will require periodic maintenance will be a thing of the past. As such, an economic milestone will be achieved. Remodeling using engineered quartz will, therefore, prove to be cost efficient.

  • Little Maintenance

As mentioned above, once a stone surface is installed into your home or business, it will demand some regular attention. When it comes to acquiring Caesarstone quartz or Cambria quartz stone slabs, you may be able to solve maintenance issues once and forever.

After remodeling your property, all you will need for maintenance will be as simple as wiping up the spill or mess. There will be no need of bringing in professionals time and again to repair your countertop. If you went for other options, you would be required to do periodic oiling or resealing. You may also be required to apply chemicals. However, for engineered quartz, it is a matter of soap and water and then everything is done!

  • Enhanced appearance

One of the main reasons you want to remodel your property is to create a better and updated or modern look. With the use of Cambria quartz countertops or Caesarstone quartz countertops, there is the possibility of crafting your ideas into whatever your imagination desires. If you want to get a particular color pattern, it is achievable with quartz. Let Carmel Stone Imports assist you in finding a quartz surface that you’ll fall in love with.You’ll be glad you did.