3 Examples of Remodeling With Granite Slabs to Inspire Your Remodel

Imagine if there was an art gallery dedicated to the most exotic granite in the world. These pieces would be far from the typical flat-black granite tiles you find at generic big box home improvement stores.

Imagine if there was an art gallery dedicated to the most exotic granite in the world.These pieces would be far from the typical flat-black granite tiles you find at generic big box home improvement stores. Instead, this store would have granite in its full range of vibrant colors along with pieces that show rare geological patterns. Thankfully, for homeowners and business owners in San Jose and the entire Bay Area, Carmel Stone Imports is a treasure trove of unique granite counter tops. At the the showroom gallery, there is a range of over 40 patterns, vivid color combinations and extra-large sizes of granite. This means you can find a piece of granite that can be used as a room’s focal point. In addition to using these large granite slabs as counter tops, they can also be used as flooring or shower walls.

Granite myth: It only comes in black or neutrals

Due to the popularity of black granite during the rise of big box stores, granite started getting a bad reputation. Particularly, granite gained an image as being a generic color with a flat or shiny finish. Despite this, there are at least 40 different types of granite, and few are solid black or flecked.  Instead, granite slabs like “New Louise” look like a deep part of the ocean.  Dispersed in the blue-gray darkness is a subtle striation of iridescent rainbow colors. Other dramatic hues are found in the “New Vogue” granite slabs. For instance, it has subtle gray muted tones lightly-swirled on a background of a bright orange/ochre color.

“Blue Marine Polished Granite” is a combination of golden to dark brown with sharply contrasting grey neutrals. The pattern is like a drop of oil gathering to float unevenly on top of water. “Breaking Wave Polished Granite” looks very similar to the striped grey and white marble patterns, but is much stronger. The “Lava Brown” and “AJ Brown VC (Honed)” resemble heartwood and bark slices of an impossibly large tree. For abstract art lovers, “Torroncino Bianco” will remind you of a grey and white Jackson Pollock painting.

The unique history of using granite in homes

Another jaw-dropping granite slab that has dramatic effects is the “Titanium.”  This slice of stone combines a chocolatey-dark brown and black with unexpected bursts of white. The overall effect resembles hot lava from a volcano that is quickly cooling in bubbly rivers. This particular granite slab is interesting because it denotes the history of the stone itself. As a lava or magma-based igneous rock, granite has been fascinating throughout history. It’s unique look is due to being comprised of a large variety of rock types that cool at different temperatures. The final product is often a strong, but beautiful, organic stone mural.

Surprising benefits of granite slabs

Granite has been popular as a construction material due to its extreme gemstone-type strength. Today, it is extremely popular as decorative materials for inside homes. In fact, The National Kitchen and Bath Association’s 2015 Trend Survey, confirmed that 83-percent of remodeling pros are using granite. Nevertheless, it is not surprising that granite slabs are on the rise with interior designers and remodeling firms. Namely, its main benefit is being a versatile environmentally friendly green building option. What surprises some homeowners is finding out that granite can be sealed. This makes the surface non-porous, and is therefore sanitary for kitchens or bathrooms. A sealed, non-porous granite slab is also heat-resistant and will not get cut marks. Unlike marble or other surfaces, sealed granite simply needs plain soap and water to clean it.

New twists on the classic granite counter tops

When you search online for granite counter tops, there are a few obvious colors and patterns that stand out. For example, the aforementioned black granite is often sold alongside the speckled gray, white, and tan patterns. These are hot items because they are muted tones of neutral colors that will not need to be upgraded in the near future. Nonetheless, many homeowners are moving away from these one-size-fits-all styles of granite counter tops. Instead, new ideas include wildly contrasting patterns of granite in typical neutrals, but the look is far from muted. There are also an array of granite colors that include blues, grays, reds, yellows, distinct colors of orange and subtle purples.

Can granite be used as flooring?

Flooring can capture allergens, stains and fall out of fashion; but granite is one-and-done. The strength of granite is ideal for polished stone flooring in lobbies of corporations and other buildings that will endure for centuries. In smaller businesses and the home, granite slabs are typically used as decorative flooring. They are often surrounded by less expensive stone tiling with the rare granite patterns used as the centerpiece. This is especially distinct in small spaces such as bathrooms or entryways. Alternatively, granite can be used anywhere in any commercial or residential property. Granite flooring is often used by homeowners or business owners that suffer from extreme allergy problems. Granite flooring is also less expensive to maintain for many commercial properties that are rented. Namely, granite flooring does not need deep cleaning as often as carpet. Although annual buffing is important, granite does not need to be replaced during the lifespan of the property.

Modern trends for granite shower walls

When you are seeking enduring materials that are appropriate for a custom-made bathroom, granite slabs are an excellent choice. This is especially true for small showers that need an organic material for the walls. Granite is also ideal for building owners that want a property that is cheap to maintain. While tile is a good secondary choice, granite showers are ultimately less maintenance for property owners that have cleaning staff. Cleaning grout and re-grouting can also be costly for landlords and property owners. Obviously, granite slabs can make financial sense in this situation. Another issue is removing soap scum. Unlike difficult-to-clean plastic or tile, there is a specific cleaner for stone that easily removes any build up.