How to Keep Your Natural Stone Free from Coronavirus

Natural stone has many benefits. These range from offering a great interior design to your interior spaces to great durability. It provides a sense of elegance that only makes your home worth more. It is also environmentally friendly, promoting the health of you, your loved ones and the world you live in.

Unfortunately, coronavirus has the potential to affect the stone surfaces in your home, including natural stone. There are many unknowns concerning this new virus, but it is possible that the virus is able to live on these surfaces. Continue reading below to learn more and to learn to keep your stone free from coronavirus.

How Long will Coronavirus Last on Stone Surfaces?

As mentioned previously, the coronavirus is a relatively new virus. With this in mind, not much is known about how long it can last on these stone slabs and surfaces. It is estimated, however, that the virus can live for at least days on certain hard surfaces. It is also known that other viruses similar to this one can last up to 9 days, specifically.

Coronavirus has the potential to last just as long on natural stone. It seems to die off, however, when temperatures reach over eighty-six degrees. It is difficult for any stone surface to reach this temperature though, no matter what room of the house it is in. For this reason, it is essential to take proper steps to ensure the virus does not infect or reach your countertops. This will keep you and your loved ones safe, despite more information needing to be completed.

Will You Get Coronavirus by Touching an Infected Surface?

As mentioned above more research needs to be completed on the coronavirus in general, especially in its transmissibility. It is important to protect your loved ones from the virus, including when it is on your natural stone. Though it is not for certain if the virus can be transmitted to a person by touching the surface, it is better to be safe than sorry in these instances. The information below will ensure your family is as protected as possible against the coronavirus, when considering your stone surfaces.

Coronavirus has the ability to be killed with disinfectants and household cleaners. Use disinfectants that are made up of at least 62 percent ethanol, 0.5 percent hydrogen peroxide and 0.1 percent bleach. Be sure to clean off your surfaces with a solution such as this to ensure it is not transmitted by the surface. Again, it is better to be safe in all circumstances.

How to Disinfect Your Stone

As mentioned above, many household disinfectants and cleaners will kill the coronavirus. This is as long as it contains the appropriate solutions aforementioned. It is important to understand how to utilize these solutions, however, in order to best defeat the virus. Even if you are not sure if your surface has the coronavirus, it should be frequently disinfected just in case and to prevent the spread of it.

Do not simply wipe the surface as soon as you spray the disinfectant. You should let the solution sit for 3 to 5 minutes before wiping it off in order for it to work in killing the coronavirus. If you do not have a purchased cleaner, make your own with half rubbing alcohol and half water that you allow to sit. Whatever solution you utilize, however, make sure you rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water afterward and wipe it completely dry.

Keeping the Natural Stone Clean and Maintained

Keeping your countertops clean will assist in keeping them free of coronavirus. As mentioned, it is not known whether hard surfaces can transmit the virus to people, but it is important to be safe. Keeping the stone clean will provide easy maintenance in the long run and increased health and safety for you and your family. Follow the steps below to be as effective as possible.

  1. Clean the surface with stone soap or neutral cleaners every day.
  2. Buff the surface against streaks with a terry cloth.
  3. Utilize a disinfectant on the surface at least weekly.
  4. Make sure that any granite that is utilized on the surface is sealed properly.
  5. Clean stains and spills immediately by blotting with a paper towel.

Following the above listed steps will assist you in keeping the coronavirus away from the surfaces in your home.

How to Stay Away from the Coronavirus

Though there is not much known on how natural stone surfaces transmit the coronavirus to humans, there are other methods to avoid the coronavirus in your everyday life. The steps outlined below have been created by the World Health Organization to assist you and your family in staying as healthy and safe as possible during the pandemic. Be sure to follow these steps as well as the steps above on keeping your stone surfaces free of the virus.

  1. Wash your hands. Keep washing for at least twenty seconds utilizing soap and water preferably.
  2. Engage in social distancing. Stay at least 3 feet, though preferably 6 feet, apart from individuals when in public.
  3. Do not touch your face. If the virus is on your hands, you can transmit it to your eyes, mouth or nose. Make sure to use your elbow to cover coughs and sneezes.
  4. Cover your mouth. As mentioned above, use your elbow when you cough or sneeze. Make sure to always cover your mouth to prevent spread of germs. Throw away any used tissues right away.
  5. Call a doctor. If you feel unwell, call your doctor and describe your symptoms. Stay home if you are displaying any symptoms.

Final Thoughts

The coronavirus is a very contagious disease that has entered many’s lives. It is important to keep your natural stone free of the virus, whether you are in the middle of home renovation or have lived in your home a long time. No one knows the exact details, but it is important to keep your family as safe as possible against the coronavirus by keeping surfaces such as these clean.