What to Keep in Mind When Designing Your Backyard Kitchen

A backyard kitchen is the ultimate experience in entertaining guests. Under the freedom of the sky, your kitchen feels as big as all outdoors as your planned meals come off your stove one, two, three to the delight of your company. There are few places that are more aesthetically appealing in your home than a landscaped backyard, so take a moment to consider how outdoor kitchens may be enhanced by the proper planning.

Floors, The Unsung Hallmark Of Quality Kitchens

To start the kitchen off on a good foot, consider the flooring first. Stone makes the most durable and safest floor for a kitchen in the backyard. Keeping the area clean is topmost priority for you as a chef and host, and if you really think about it, a floor is one of those understated factors that nobody mentions but everyone appreciates. Let’s compare a few popular types of slabs available in silk or brocade finishes:

  • Pietra Siena is a gray stone from Italy. Classically simple and pure in color, this is the flooring that Steve Jobs chose for Apple stores worldwide.
  • Jerusalem Stone is richly evocative of the Holy Land. It ranges in color from gold, gray, gray/gold mix, to red for a noble floor that withstands any amount of wear. In addition to standard sizing, it also comes in mosaic size for a unique decorative flair of your design.
  • Elegant marble is formed by limestone that Nature pressurizes into unique swirls of color and no two pieces are identical. An easy-to-clean, classic marble floor in an outdoor kitchen will be the showplace of the neighborhood.

Electric And Gas Hookups

Location, location, location is the watchword for designing an outdoor kitchen. Tying all the elements for an attractive kitchen together will not be complete without the basics to do the actual cooking in a comfortable spot. Consider the time of day the cooking will be done: late afternoon to dusk is the most common time for barbecues or any other outdoor eating. Consult an almanac for sun position and the direction of the prevailing wind, check for the shade of trees and buildings, and go from there to pace off the approximate dimensions of your new project. Next, ask for expert advice on extending electricity or gas hookups to the area; nobody wants a guest to trip over an extension cord.

Proportionately Perfect

We have varying amounts of friends for different occasions. For instance, if the new outdoor kitchen will be the set piece for a child’s backyard wedding at home, the guest list will likely be larger than for more simple family get-togethers. Sometimes the grand occasion spurs the imagination, and you will want stupendous accoutrements that will turn into superfluous ones later on. After the wild glow of riotous planning dims, consider that renting an element such as a rotisserie or pizza oven is a wiser choice than building one in, and your future, smaller occasions will benefit from the added free space. Apply any funds saved to a top-of-the-line grill instead.

Indispensable Additions To Your Design

Choose a sink in place of adding a refrigerator; you’ll add ice to the sink to form a cooler. Consider a dishwasher only as a possible add-on, because dishes may be washed indoors or eliminate the chore by using disposable dishware. Most of all, concentrate on the best grill you can find, because the aroma of cookouts finds its way into the heart. The outdoor kitchen supplies the hearth that we all need to return to for renewal, and that is the primary reason to begin your project.

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