Bathroom Countertop Styles And Trends

Bathroom countertops are chosen in much the same way kitchen countertops are chosen.

You have a selection of several styles and colors to choose from, and you must find something that matches the design of your bathroom. You need a hard work surface in your kitchen, but you need a supple counter space in your bathroom. Try out these styles and trends for your new bathroom countertop.

Glossy vs. Matte

Matte finish countertops look beautiful in kitchens that feature many different colors and shapes. Glossy countertops work well in bathrooms to help you highlight one of the few design features in the room. A small bathroom has little else than a counter, toilet and mirror. Your addition of a glossy countertop lights up the room when there is nothing else to create a beautiful design.

Matte finishes are chosen in kitchens as work surfaces for making food. You may use glossy countertops in your bathroom because you do not need a preparation area. The glossy countertop is typically set aside for bathrooms where you sit down to get yourself ready for the day. The countertop reflects enough light to make applying makeup, grooming and dressing.


A kitchen countertop is a storage space used by the family throughout the day for multiple tasks. Your bathroom countertop is not fluid. You do not need a particularly large countertop unless you keep massive appliances in the bathroom. You may set up your grooming supplies and makeup around the sinks, and you have plenty of room left over to set down your glasses or even keep a glass of water.

Do not purchase a counter so large that you feel like you do not fit in your own bathroom. Bathrooms can be large, but some items must be kept quaint.


The countertop is no longer a slave to the flat white you find in hotels. A hotel bathroom must be easy to clean, and a white surface allows housekeepers to quickly identify dirt and debris.

Your bathroom countertop at home should be a complementary color to your wall. A bathroom with red walls may have an olive green counter, and a bathroom with blue walls may have a pearlescent countertop. Consider the countertop part of the overall color scheme in the room. Defaulting to white does nothing for the beauty of the room.


You may have many desired heights for your bathroom countertop. You are tall and your spouse is short. You like to sit down to get ready, and your spouse prefers to stand. You never have guests, but you want guests to be comfortable when they visit.

All contractors allow the cabinets in the room to determine the height of your countertop. You should ask your contractor how tall your cabinets are before you have them installed, and you may learn that your counters are taller than you expected. Choose wisely to avoid uncomfortable scenes in the bathroom with a counter that is too short or too tall.


Your countertop need not be a flat color. You may choose a vibrant pattern that brings together many colors from the room. The design may be incorporated into the sink, or the sink may have its own design. Choose something that sets your bathroom apart, or use the pattern on the counter as the basis for your room design.

Your bathrooms do not have to look bland like those in a hotel. You may look past the flat white colors often used in bathrooms to something far less conventional. A combination of styles and colors will give you a bathroom that appears just as you envisioned it.

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