Three Ways To Pick The Best Countertops

Are you remodeling your kitchen? Whether you are repainting the walls, installing new, energy efficient appliances, and giving the entire room an overhaul, or you are simply putting in new countertops, selecting the best materials for your home can be a bit of a challenge — especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

You’re Looking For Something Unique And Inexpensive
If you want countertops that make a statement and still easily fit into your budget, consider reasonably priced copper countertops. Copper is unlike any other surface or material in that it is “a ‘living’ surface,” and “it reacts to different substances, creating a blend of matte reds, browns and greens,” Houzz explains. Copper also holds up relatively well, and it’s easy to clean.

You Plan To Do Some Heavy Duty Cooking
What are the best natural stone countertops? Should you consider buying limestone, soapstone, Italian marble tile, or granite slabs? That’s a great question — and a great starting point. One of the many reasons people buy limestone is that it is incredibly hardy. In fact, the Ancient Egyptians used limestone to build the pyramids, and with good reason. Modern limestone countertops are completely scratch resistant and withstand all kinds of different climates, including beach climates (even when countertops are installed outdoors!). On the other hand, even corrosive chemicals do not change the shape, appearance, or texture of stain-resistant and durable soapstone.

You Want An Eye-Catching, Practical Countertop
Granite countertops come in a variety of different colors — from natural shades of pink to dark gray — thanks to its mineralogy and chemistry. Its appearance is not the only thing about it that is striking, however. Granite is heat-resistant, and homeowners can wash it using just hot water and soap.

What are the best materials for new countertops? Pick and choose the best qualities to determine whether copper, limestone, soapstone, or granite countertops suit your home best.

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