Some Home Remodeling Ideas Just In Time For The Holidays

Before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here — and then Christmas Day. And that means more entertaining and family gatherings than at any other time of year. With some basic preparations, you can make certain your home is ready for holiday guests… and don’t forget the fundamentals. Here are a few remodeling ideas and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects to take on before the holidays.

Get Your Kitchen Ready For Holiday Meals
Anyone who has cooked a Thanksgiving dinner (or even Christmas dinner!) for a large group of family and friends knows that it takes a lot of work. The very last thing you want is a kitchen that makes things even more difficult for you. How is that possible? A cluttered kitchen with outdated appliances and countertops can easily cause problems.

For the best possible holiday experience, thoroughly clean your kitchen and pack away any items you do not need. Consider replacing appliances and countertops if necessary, too. For example, all natural stone countertops, like granite countertops or natural limestone countertops, are low-maintenance and easy to clean. Granite slabs can be cleaned using just warm water and soap, and they are heat-resistant, making cooking Thanksgiving meals — and placing down dishes — simple and care-free.

Warm Up Entertaining Areas
Use discretion on this one — but, if you live in an area with a relatively mild climate and only slightly cold temperatures — consider updating patios, screened in areas, and outdoor entertaining areas accordingly. Consider installing an outdoor fireplace, for example. Homeowners are also purchasing electric fireplaces, electric firepits, and patio heaters. Bring wool blankets and hot chocolate and coffee outside to help guests feel as cozy and warm as possible.

Every year, Americans spend approximately $47 billion on home remodeling ventures. Do it with purpose. Update kitchens for ease and convenience (remember, functionality is important and all natural stone countertops help), and consider entertaining outdoors and warming things up with patio heaters or even outdoor fireplaces.