Kitchen Design Trends: What 2015 Has In Store

It is difficult to believe — but the year is quickly coming to a close. Before you know it, it’ll be Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then New Year’s Eve. While some of us may be wondering where time has gone and may be feverishly budgeting for holiday spending, at least a few of us realize what else that means: it’s time for new home and interior design trends! Here are just a few of the kitchen design trends you’re going to see a lot of in 2015.

White Is Out; Gray Is In
Anyone who is even vaguely familiar with interior design knows that, for a time, homeowners and professionals alike were obsessed with all-white palettes. And now this trend is on its way out. More and more homeowners are painting cabinets and kitchen furnishings gray, and others are throwing out the white-on-white for another classic, a black-and-white color scheme.

2015 Will Be All About Natural Stone Countertops
All natural stone, such as granite countertops and granite colors, are highly popular — and with good reason.Natural stone countertops and granite in particular are heat-resistant and easy to clean using just regular soap and warm water. Moreover, natural granite ranges in color from any shade of gray to pink, thanks to its mineralogy and chemistry. Granite countertops colors may also include browns, beige, and even bluish gray hues. Moreover, waterfall islands — with granite or other stone materials — feature stone that trails along one side of the island for a unique and compelling look. Waterfall islands are becoming increasingly popular — and are likely to be a part of quite a few kitchens in 2015.

What is the latest in kitchen design? Forget about white-on-white. Paint cabinets gray, or consider a similarly traditional black-and-white palette. Easy to clean, easy to maintain, and striking granite countertops will be as popular as ever.