North Face Shakes Up Customers With Collapsible Floor

A North Face retailer in Korea got consumers’ full attention suddenly and wholeheartedly, and they did it using the floor. In a campaign hoping to drive home the company’s motto “Never Stop Exploring,” the retail location began by shaking clothing racks and raising them up, while the floor bottomed out. There were hand- and footholds attached to the walls (much like in a rock climbing gym). The North Face store lowered a jacket into the middle of the room, challenging shoppers to climb the walls in order to reach it first.

Thankfully, homeowners do not have to go to such extremes to get people talking about their new floors. Here are a few floors that will stand out and get your friends and family talking.

Natural Stone Tiles Offer Diversity and Reliability

Modern home renovations focus on a few things: sustainability, reliability, and cost. Thankfully, natural stone floors give you options; you can choose from granite tiles, Italian marble tiles, and more. Granite floors, for example, are both hardy and extremely simple to clean with regular soap and warm water. Granite tiles are not created equal, and the tiles’ look will vary from a pale pink to a dark slate color based on their natural mineralogy and chemistry. If you want to get a feel for the material before committing to installing an entire granite floor, try granite counters. Granite can easily withstand the heat of a hot pan or platter when cooking and/or entertaining.

Channel Your Favorite Restaurant Or Hotel Lobby

Hotels and restaurants have already been doing it for years, and now you can, too. Glass floors add instant sophistication, and they are still rare enough to be a talking point. Homeowners can choose from see-through glass panels or tiles or even frosted glass varieties.

The right floor will be pleasing to look at for years to come. Choose from durable and naturally beautiful granite, or think outside of the box with frosted glass tile in the bathroom.