Simple Ways To Make Your Home — And Your Floor — Stand Out

Building homes and structures out of stone is nothing new — and, in fact, using stone as a building material dates back hundreds of years. William The Conquerer is credited for ordering the construction of some of the first and most iconic stone structures in the world, stone castles. At the time, the stone keeps were built as a symbol of power and to withstand battle.

Luckily, today using granite slabs and natural stone tile is an aesthetic choice, and the only thing most homeowners are likely to be fighting off is some unwanted mold in their bathrooms. What are some of the most commonly used materials in home construction and remodeling?

All Natural Stone Flooring
Stone flooring, for example, looks markedly elegant and expensive — and it also relatively easy to maintain. For instance, granite tiles can be cleaned using nothing more than hot water and soap. Granite varies greatly in its natural chemistry and mineralogy, and, therefore, it may range from dark gray to even pink in color. Italian marble tiles are similarly high-class and can also be cleaned and maintaining, using soft damp cloths, natural, non-abrasive soaps, and/or marble cleaner.

A Surprisingly Eco-Friendly Option
It may not sound very eco-friendly to use bamboo, one of the materials you are most likely to find in rainforests, as tile flooring. Despite popular misconceptions, however, bamboo is a plentiful resource. It is easy to grow and harvest, and it is much more environmentally friendly than comparable wood materials. Like stone, it is a unique material and can give your home a little something extra that you aren’t likely to see everywhere.

For A Floor Unlike Any Other…
If bamboo and stone don’t do it for you, there are ways to make your flooring even more distinct and creative. Cork flooring is surprisingly durable and water-resistant, and it is often available in unique cuts and styles, like hexagonal and triangular cuts, for even more personality.

Americans $47 billion remodeling their homes every year. Make any home renovations worth it — with unique, attractive, and easy to maintain flooring and building materials, like natural stone tile.