Are You Remodeling Your Home? Don’t Forget About This Key Element!

How much do Americans spend on remodeling each and every year? Studies show that number is close to $47 billion! In other words, if you’re going to invest in large changes or alterations to your home, you might as well make it worth your while — and avoid mistakes that you will regret for years to come.

What is one of the most common remodeling mistakes? Unfortunately, the majority of homeowners get so wrapped up in choosing new appliances and furnishings (or even tearing down walls, they forget about one of the most basic things: the floor. Here are a few ways you can install a floor that will get everyone talking.

Make It Quick, Easy, And Adaptable With An Area Rug
An area rug can do a great deal for your house or apartment, especially if you’re working with a relatively neutral color palette (think whites, tans, and grays). “Bold patterns (large flowers, abstract designs, lots of layers or color) on a small rug can make the room look larger,” HGTV recommends. The television network also suggests putting rugs at an angle for a little extra pizzazz.

Bring A Bit Of The Outdoors Inside
A big trend right now is livable outdoor spaces and creating an synchronicity between indoor and outdoor living areas. One of the best ways to do it is keeping flooring uniform. Natural stone floors or even elegant, Italian marble flooring looks great inside and out — and it will help guide the eye from living room to the patio (and back inside again). Talk to natural stone suppliers, such as limestone suppliers, about what material is best for your home. Remember, even some of the most ancient structures, like the pyramids, are made partially out of limestone slabs, meaning that they are incredibly durable. Granite tiles, on the other hand, are very easy to clean and maintain — and wash with just soap and water. (Granite also naturally varies in color from deep gray to pink, depending on the rocks’ mineralogy and chemistry.)

If you’re going to remodel your home, do it right — and don’t forget about the floor! Use bold, bright area rugs to dress up bland rooms, or install natural stone flooring with some help from limestone suppliers for a surface that looks good inside and outside.